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For some time now, Yahoo Small Business has been offering very good, inexpensive web hosting. I can't get into the little business world. The Yahoo Small Business launches Site Solution. Since a while Yahoo Small Business offers very good, cheap webhosting. You can also use the Site Builder to help you create a website for small businesses.

The Site Builder is somewhat cumbersome and comes with a learn-bend to make it work. Today, Yahoo introduced an extension to the small business website universe, which I think is a very strong one.

This new web app is known as Site Solution. Site Solution allows you to login to your site in about 30 mins and create a completely code-free style sheet for a website. It' s one of the best designs and layouts I have ever seen. Pick a theme, pick the page layouts, and begin typing your text.

The aim of this utility is to help make Yahoo hosted more attractive from a competition point of view. First drafts are very current and classy. But the only disadvantage is the small number of styles you can select at inception. For this to be a serious game from Yahoo, they need to be able to create hundred of different styles and research industry-specific styles.

When you know that your small business needs to market but doesn't have the amount of free space or resource, look no further.

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Yahoo! is one of the largest online businesses in the globe, so you can be sure they are ensuring that all of their businesses are working well. Unfortunately, while the web-hosting service was actually quite good in 1999, when they purchased it, it is permitted to go down the mountain since then.

Concentrating only on delivering their service to small business, they provide only hosted sharing service. Your e-commerce platform, which once drew many users to its service, is now fragile and obsolete. Indeed, Yahoo! was already making news in 2007 because its Cyber Monday hosted and e-commerce platform suffered many failures that cost its clients a great deal of monetization.

So if you are just looking for a basic web host and you like the thought of being connected to a big web business like Yahoo!, you can agree with this one. However, for most private persons and companies you can find a much better quality of services at a lower cost.

Websites hosting on Yahoo! will generally be robust without significant issues. However, one problem is that since they focus on small business, the whole hosting business is susceptible to peak levels of visitor activity. That kind of thing tends to pass at the most awful hours as companies need their website at peak hours more than ever.

Here is an area where this web site actually has some pretty things to say about it. Because it is Yahoo! owned, you actually get privileged acces to some of the great features they offer. Unfortunately, most of them are only restricted to the medium and higher level hostings.

You get your Site Builder software and many free template files to use. Yahoo! even lets you use the Yahoo! analytics tracking and report system. These combinations can be very appealing to someone who wants all their web site hosted and managed in one place.

Yahoo! has an expansive collection of tutorials, handbooks, and other resource you can use to find out more about how to host and fix some of the issues you may have. There is 24/7 face-to-face phone and e-mail technical assistance, but many have reported long waiting periods and technical assistance does not always resolve the issue immediately.

Yahoo! web-hosting actually has only three different choices, all of which are a kind of hosted sharing. Nevertheless, their rates are still higher than those of most other committed hosting providers. Savings can be made (or added to your bill) on the basis of some of the functions or promotions they provide, but that simply seems more bewildering than any other way of actually improving your pricing.

Yahoo! webcasting offers some fun functions that will be appealing to many as well. As they have one of the best-known brands in the business, it is likely to last a very long period of years ( although they may eventually divest this business).

In spite of some neat discounts, this is not really a great web site host choice for most individuals or companies. Supported by Yahoo! Cons:

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