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With our free Website Builder you can be sure that your website will be listed in Google Search, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Best-of-breed Website Hosted Services - Cheap Web Hosts Dependable website uptime and free SSL Certificates mean your users always have a seamless and safe web browsing experience. What's more, you can use SSL Certificates for free. No matter if you start a blogs or build your company on-line, our scaleable toolkit covers you. Immerse yourself in website development utilities for website designing, data base managing, small businesses web hosting, blogs, domain and more.

Shall I use websites or web hostings to create my website? Need to get started with web hosted and have sophisticated skills? Is it possible to share my website with other users? Which functions does Webhosting offer? May I use extended scriptwriting utilities like PHP and MySQL? Yahoo Small Business Web Hosted Reliably?

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Yahoo! Yahoo! PageBuilderYahoo! for novices to advanced, for novices, for newbies. Free executable running on your home computer desk. Perfect for any operator. Free on-line softwares that you can use with your webcam. Perfect for novices who are ready to use a slow on-line utility. Learn more about Yahoo! PAGEBUILER.....

Immediately create a one-page or multi-page website using assistants that walk you through the entire creation proces. Designed for those who need a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a website, these utilities are perfect. Learn more about Yahoo! Wizard..... Medium to high level user. Medium to high level user. High level user. With your web host accounting.

In order to buy your own copy of FrontPage, please go to Yahoo! Shop. with your web host login. In order to buy your own copy of Dreamweaver, please go to Yahoo! Shop. with your web hostin'ccount. In order to buy your own copy of GoLive, please go to Yahoo! for purchasing.

Creating a Free Yahoo Website

A SiteBuilder Windows OS client is provided by Yahoo, an app that you simply need to get from Yahoo and run on your computer. With this free app, you can design a website for your company with drag-and-drop menu and customized template, so you can design the pages you need without programming skills or previous work.

You can use SiteBuilder's Site Creation Assistant to begin creating your free website. With your web-browser point to the Yahoo Yahoo SiteBuilder page and click on the Download Now - Free. Please obey the instructions to log in to your Yahoo accounts and download and install the SiteBuilder software on your computer. Run SiteBuilder and click "Create a New Site" to run the SiteBuilder.

Press the Start key, type a name for your website, and choose a directory on your computer to specify where you want to store your website file. To change a pre-designed Web page theme, click the A Template icon. Please click on the desired website categories, e.g. "Business" or "Communications", and then click on the desired page layouts.

Click the optional Paste Text icon on the taskbar to create your own textfields. Create a hypertext by selecting text, click the "Link to" icon, and following the on-screen directions to create hyperlinks to other Web pages or pages on your own Web site. Press the "Insert to Image" buttons and then obey the directions to attach your own image file or paste your own type of clips.

To see your work in a webbrowser, click the "Preview in Browser" icon on the taskbar. While Yahoo SiteBuilder will help you create a free website, you need to buy a web site host so you can post your site on the web and others can see it in their web browers.

Visit the Yahoo Small Business web site to learn more about your choices and then buy a schedule that's right for you. Once you have a SiteBuilder host schedule, click the SiteBuilder Publishing icon and obey the instructions to post your site on the Web. For SiteBuilder to successfully be downloaded and used on your computer, you must have Windows 2000 or a later release of this OS already in use.

Drag your text fields by clipping them and drag them to a new position on the page, and make the fields smaller or bigger by clipping a rectangle on the field and drag it in or out. For formatting your text, such as specifying text sizes and orientation, click the format button on the taskbar and select your text type from the drop-down menus.

"Getting a free Yahoo website.

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