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Creating a mobile website. It' easy to create a mobile website that anyone can view on almost any mobile device. But it doesn't work on the cell phone in real time.

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My site was redesigned on the mobile site "luminate", which shows a mobile site that looks good. But it doesn't work on the cell phone in any real time-- Did anyone have that problem? Did anyone have this problem, and how did you fix it? Brenda, what was the name of your website and what did you see that doesn't work in the mobile world?

Hi, I have the same problem with my mobile one. Visits to mobile phones go to the desktops side and the menu and icon are almost illegible. Even on a mobile phone, a lot seems to get caught. AndreaCo89 ( customer ) I was able to reproduce the viewing problem on the Firefox, Safari and Chrome applications on my iPhone.

However, your website downloads well on my desk and it seems to be a website of the Website Builder. The pages are mobile compatible, therefore they should be displayed correctly on the mobile phone. It' been with iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 6 and my iPad 2 and I had the same overall experience. Once the update is done a few and a half time it will only download bit and piece and will not react to jamming the monitor, then I get the "Web page was refreshed because a bug has occurred" Could this possibly be an iPOS compatability bug?

Thought I' d be waiting a few day to see if the situation continues and see if anyone has the same problems with Addroid and looks at my site. All of us know the importance of mobile visibility, and although I'm pleased with the desktopsite, I'm unfortunate that it doesn't work on mobile phones, especially where most viewpoints potentially arise.

Hello, everyone has an updated on this topic. I' ve just completed my site and it looks great on the wallpaper, but totally mixed up on the phone. Slideshows are the main problem.

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