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Best-of-breed website builder and design software. PageBuilder For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)): Delete all previous versions of Yahoo SiteBuilder and Java. Learn how to upgrade to the latest version of Yahoo! SiteBuilder. delete.


As Apple, Mozilla and other technical behemoths take action to stop people from surfing the Internet with obsolete Java releases, Yahoo! is driving many of its people in the other direction: This free website creation support utility will install a potentially unsafe version of Java that is more than four years old.

Yahoo! customers who choose to create a website within the company's web site management system are guided by a free utility named SiteBuilder, which is intended to turn creating basic websites into a point-and-click practice. Yahoo! has been offering SiteBuilder to its million of customers for years, but unfortunately the utility is introducing a variety of weaknesses on hosts.

WebsiteBuilder needs Java, but the version of Java that Yahoo! brings with it is Java 6 Update 7. It is not clear if this is just a big mistake or if your tools really doesn't work with newer Java releases. However, this version of Java was first launched in 2008 and is extremely uncertain and outdated.

Oral has just published Java 6, Update 39, which means that SiteBuilder will install a version of Java that contains 100's of known weak points that can be used to provide remote compatibility to hosts.

The Yahoo Site Builder Manual Websites

Yahoo! SiteBuilder lets you create a great website without having to know HTML. When you can point and click and drag and drop with your cursor, you can create a website now! Get to know some fundamental website designing ideas. General QuestionsYou'll get fast responses to the most common Yahoo! SiteBuilder.Getting StartedQuestions about Yahoo! SiteBuilder.Getting StartedLearn how to use Yahoo! SiteBuilder.Basic OperationsA to help you create and save pages with essential features.

To use aavigation barCreate a professionally designed Navigation toolbar for use throughout your website. With TemplatesLearn how to use Yahoo! to build new websites SiteBuilder's customizable templates. Use the File ManagerLearn how the File Manager organizes and accesses your file repositories. Build FormsUse forums to gather invaluable information about your website visitor.

By using Merchant SolutionsYahoo! SiteBuilder, integrating with your Yahoo! Merchant Solutions account becomes simple and adaptable. Walking OnlineFind out how simple it is to post your website on the web! 2004 Yahoo! Inc. Happy birthday to Yahoo! SiteBuilder for building and maintaining your website! When this is your first website for building, there are a few fundamental ideas that you should consider before you start.

Basis-Site-DesignHow to get closer to the overall look of your website. Base site designWhat you should consider when creating custom websites. What happens when you post your website? To learn some of the basics of Yahoo! SiteBuilder, please read the Yahoo! SiteBuilderGetting Started Guide. 2004 Yahoo! Inc.

2004 Yahoo! Inc. When you have defined the main layout of your website, think about the layout of your web pages and the actual contents you want to insert on each page. Explore Yahoo SiteBuilder's template collection to find a template style that's right for your site or to collect your own designs.

Yahoo! SiteBuilder template contains good web site layout concepts such as ease, clearness, consistency and balance. When creating your own websites, try to keep these principals in minds. Your homepage is the most important page in your website. Make sure you make an appealing homepage that clearly communicates the type and intent of your website.

There is no need to publish all the contents of your website on your homepage. Instead, use your home page as an introductory guide to your website and then link to additional pages that contain the remainder of your site's contents. 2004 Yahoo! Inc. Unblock full functionality with a free evaluation version.

Unblock full functionality with a free evaluation version. Unblock full functionality with a free evaluation version. Unblock full functionality with a free evaluation version. Unblock full functionality with a free evaluation version.

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