Yahoo site Builder not opening

The Yahoo site Builder is not open.

Many thanks for responding to my problem with the Yahoo Site Builder. Since my inception, I haven't seen any major changes to the Yahoo Site Builder. SiteBuilder installation issues Try these trouble-shooting hints if you are having trouble deploying SiteBuilder. Verify that your computer fulfills the system reqirements for SiteBuilder. When you see an issue the first way you try to open SiteBuilder, one of your installers might be corrupted.

To resolve this issue, delete the issue file(s) and reinstall SiteBuilder.

Several of our clients have complained that an issue has occurred with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) when installing the latest SiteBuilder release. JRE is a Java program that is used to build the SiteBuilder app; the JRE enables SiteBuilder to run on your computer. Sometimes the JRE installer cannot fetch the required final file, resulting in an issue.

When a JRE failure occurs when installing SiteBuilder, we suggest that you reinstall Java and restart the SiteBuilder setup. Java Downloads. Please observe the Java setup procedure. If you need help downloading it, please visit the Java help pages. Find the SiteBuilder app on your computer. Ysitebuilder.exe should have been stored on your computer when you were downloading the latest SiteBuilder release.

And if you can't find the files, please try SiteBuilder again. To begin the SiteBuilder installation, double-click the ysitebuilder.exe installation program. For SiteBuilder versions older than 2.9.0, you must perform an upgrading by simply downloaded a new SiteBuilder release and do not use the default upgrading procedure. When downloaded, the fixes are copied to your computer and replace your old SiteBuilder while keeping all your work and website up and running.

To get Started, please visit our SiteBuilder Downloads page. Please be aware that you can use the default upgrade procedure for upcoming updates and that SiteBuilder will remain a free tools.

Detached: Yahoo Site Builder cannot be started.

I' ve had Yahoo Site Builder for many years and it has worked well. I recently tried to update my website, but couldn't open the Site Builder. I' ve tried everything Yahoo suggested, but nothing works. I' ve tried to contact Yahoo, but they don't speak to anyone, which is very disappointing as I pay for the site.

" Choose "Yahoo", then "SiteBuilder". "You will see a symbol like the one above called "SiteBuilder. "Choose this to open the SiteBuilder application. My suggestion is that you deinstall the corrupted versions on your computer and then redownload and reinstall their Website Builder. Thanks for reacting to my issue with the Yahoo Site Builder.

Accepted your advice and bought a flash disk and tried to reset the system to an earlier date. Yahoo Site Builder still can't work. Another proposal was to deinstall the corrupted site and try to restore the Site Builder. What my query is, since my website is operational, will it impact all my pages and information on my website?

There are no means to make a copy of your website and I cannot ensure the security of the pages and information on them after deinstalling Yahoo Site Builder as I am not very comfortable with the game. However, if you want to reinstall the application on the street and view/use the file again, the file will remain the same.

What my query is, since my website is up and run, will it impact all my pages and information on my website? 4. selecting "Yahoo", then "SiteBuilder. 5. you will see a SiteBuilder symbol that says "Update SiteBuilder. "Check this box to upgrade SiteBuilder. I' ve tried these walkthroughs, but Site Builder and Site Builder Updates do not work.

Shall I deinstall Site Builder and then try to reinstall it? Hopefully I won't loose all the pages and dates I've built up over the years. Thank you, I tried these things, but Site Builder and Site Builder Updates don't work. You do not need to deinstall Site Builder, just get the latest release from this shortcut and the installation process will overlap your current (corrupted) one.

All my years, I've never even seen an app overlay or delete custom information. So, whether you keep the site on your disk within the Site Builder tree, or do your edit and update directly on-line (you never told me) should make no distinction.

Hopefully I won't loose all the pages and dates I've built up over the years. I' m gonna stretch out my throat and say that with a rabbit as old as Yahoo your website is safe. During the reinstallation of Site Builder I found a Java issue. Updated Java and Site Builder and it began to work.

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