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Sitebuilder Yahoo Alternate for Ibuntu Unfortunately, when this issue is normally asked, you get 20 guys who want to tell you that "wysiwyg dragg n drop editors" are trash. However, after actually working for Yahoo!, I chose the Site Builder. After leaving Yahoo!, I kept the application and used it a few days, reworking the pages it had built with the Dreamweaver software each year.

Yahoo! Sitebuilder is designed so that you can post your website only on a Yahoo! web hostingserver. If the XHTML pages are generated by the application, it generates a kind of "watermark" that is removed when publishing to your Yahoo! Sitebuilder servers. If the pages, however, are generated and saved in....

There' this little checkbox that says something like "This page is not intended for viewing via a web browsers, please post your website with Yahoo! Sitebuilder" or similar. But if you want to use some open sources or something for the Linux platforms, I still haven't found anything that has the Yahoo! Sitebuilder feel and I've been relentless.

Sitebuilder can be run on Ubuntu with WINE, I've never tried it before, but 75% of Sitebuilder is JavaScript, and if I understood right, JavaScript is almost 100% cross-platform. However, I have found some other kinds of editor that are more design-oriented, such as Sitebuilder. It' almost the same as Sitebuilder, but with less customisable functions.

It does that you can build a website from PSD photo -shop PSDs. Using a multi-layer picture and run Site Grinder from the File>Automate menus, you can map the levels as shortcuts and generate real HTML pages from pictures, which is great because if you can set up a website with Site Builder, you can build and display an picture of your website and turn it into HTML.

Looking through countless endless search times and endless searches for a substitute (preferably open source) I've come across the same thing over and over again, folks proposing the same garage applications that don't have the pull n dropping theme, and folks using Sitebuilder's garage software because it uses absolutely perfect placement (which can look fun in some browsers).

For anyone who knows a little HTML, but wants to conserve us a little extra html by not spending an whole website, Sitebuilder is quite tough. I' ve created literal hundred of sites with Sitebuilder/Dreamweaver, and if I don't find something similar to Sitebuilder soon, I may have to go back to Yahoo! Sitebuilder.

So the only trouble is that I don't use Yahoo! anymore, and my actual hosting has some trash for free use. However, I favor the Cpanel over Yahoo!'s Web Hosting Panel.

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