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The free Builder app offers a wide range of templates. It' s easy for users to select a specific template or website and work on it. You will be redirected to the YAHOOO SMALL BUSINESS page, then select STARTER and choose your appropriate domain name and download the free program (Yahoo ! A SiteBuilder service for the Windows operating system is offered by Yahoo, an application that you download from Yahoo and install on your computer. Find out how to insert a Flash file into Yahoo Site Builder.

Build a website with Yahoo! Site Builder.

Use Yahoo! Site Builder to construct a website. Make the Yahoo! SiteBuilder website and select Yahoo for hosting. In this way it is quick and simple to design a website without any prior website building knowledge...and without HTML expertise. The best part is that you can get started right now...and get your website up and running.

Yahoo! SiteBuilder lets you create a great web site without even being able to HTML. When you can point and click and dragging and dropping with the click of a button, you can create a website now! I' m Yahoo Site Builder: It' great if you're creating your first website or just getting weary of your old, obsolete junkie.

Free download includes: website builder, Tutorials, user guides and 300 free website template files. Let Yahoo! develop one of the most groundbreaking website design concepts in years. Rather than creating your website on-line with bigSiteBuilder, where you encounter issues such as overload and web log, download it FREE to your computer, create your website offline and then load it onto your Yahoo! webspace.

Yahoo! is behind you. SiteBuilder opens with a welcome page containing shortcuts to built-in Getting Started with Yahoo! SiteBuilder and How to create a new website. Getting Launched Topics The Getting Launched Getting Launched Topics include: and much, much more! Notepad contains built-in user-defined style sheets with many different topics and even a download feature to get the latest style sheet update from your website.

Website hosted package for your finished website starts at $11.95 per months and includes free domains names and e-mail. Building a website doesn't have to be difficult. Please be sure to download all template files from the Tools drop-down list. 5 - Create page items. From the Insert drop-down list in Yahoo! SiteBuilder, choose Text. Your keypad.

Choose Text from the Insert Menu. will appear on the Web page and then enter or insert your text into the text area.

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