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Get your free web design course at Yahoo SiteBuilder's most detailed review, including software features, templates, price plans, and support. Creating a Company Website on Yahoo Pages Yahoo SiteBuilder Website Builder will offer more than 400 templates for creating websites from November 2011. Yahoo SiteBuilder's user friendly web site allows you to create customized corporate websites in just a few clicks or build a complete website with a range of utilities including drag-and-drop interactivity, picture upload and built-in e-commerce button to make payment for service provided easier.

You do not need to pay for Yahoo SiteBuilder and once downloaded the application will run off-line so that you can upgrade your website as you wish. Choose a style sheet from the style sheet pane. If you choose a style sheet for your business, choose one that covers the purposes of your business at a single look. Abstract Flowers, for example, is the best match for a florist while Baseball Sepia is the best match for an organisation involved in sports-related retail.

Select the symbol of your interest and click "Next". In the following dialogue click "OK" to start downloading the form. Among the choices are an "About Us" page, a "Photo Album" page, a "Homepage" page and a "Contact" page. By clicking the tabs next to the page titles you are currently building.

Type the page name in the Page name box. The name of your firm should be entered in the "Page title" box on your homepage. Further input boxes on the home page style sheet are a "Paragraph Title Here (What's New)" box, a "Paragraph Title Here (Overview)" box, a "Paragraph Title Here and More Information " box, and a "If You Have Additional Detail Try a Bulleted List" box.

Add information about the story of your business, a vision and a personal image to the About Us page. If you create a scrapbook page, add pictures that describe what your business has done, what it does, and what its objectives are for the time being.

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