Yahoo Sitebuilder 2.9

Sitebuilder Yahoo 2.9

It's being developed by Yahoo. SiteBuilder 2.9.0 download SiteBuilder is an app that helps your site's visitors create sites on the go. Obviously, you shouldn't be expecting Yahoo!

SiteBuilder to create stunning web pages or very sophisticated designs, but if you're looking for a basic corporate website, this is probably the one.

The use of the app is quite simple if you know one or two things about website designing, but the designer tries to appeal to novices by offering an intermediate assistant to guide you through the whole proces. More importantly, the app also contains many built-in template files so that you will be taken back as you proceed with your website work.

The examples can be simply customised and stored as new template so that you can use them or shared with other people. With SiteBuilder, you can paste photographs, make new button designs, backgrounds or sound, animate designs, paint spreadsheets, apply side or PayPal effect creation, build custom shapes, and even type your own text with just a few mouse clicks. SiteBuilder is the perfect tool for creating your own custom website.

SiteBuilder has a great deal more to offer, but it's up to the users to choose which functions they need the most. Altogether, this is a very neat way to take your first step in web designing, and if all goes well, you can end up with a quite beautiful website.

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