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Add a slider to the Yahoo SiteBuilder. Do not use the Yahoo Site Builder. Regarding the issue of accidentally having contents on your website that are considered double contents by searchengines, it can be solved by three line of coding. All of this is explained on our website and in optimisation suggestions that we give to our customers. Unfortunately, Yahoo Site Builders cannot allow you to deploy these basic three line of codec.

This is the answer I received when I asked Yahoo for support. Sorry, but the function you mention is not currently available through Yahoo! webhosting and we have no estimate of when or if it will be available. Because Yahoo! is a shared host site, we currently do not provide file sharing for .htacess file types.

Bill, as stated above, if you wish to divert to, this must be done via .htaccess or via 301 Reirect, and Yahoo! does not currently endorse both choices, so we are sorry to tell you that there is no other way to divert to, we apologise for the trouble.

There is a Blog-Rantine for this and other reason to help Yahoo Site Builders avoided that you might want to try. So if you are interested in Yahoo Site Builders and would like to consider some options, please contact our strategically located partner companies who offer outstanding web site development and web site services. Use Yahoo Site Builders and don't want to be changed, don't be desperate.

And there are many more strategies that can get you great placements in Google, Yahoo & Bing. Call us for free advice on the condition of your site and what it takes to enhance your results. You are a company from the area? However, we recognize that most companies using or considering Yahoo Site Builders are locals who work face-to-face with their clients.

When you are, you should become familiar with your own SEO. In order to attract those looking for cities, counties or even "near me", you need a specific locale optimisation. For this reason, we have a specific programme designed for companies like yours. Find out more about our services for your website.

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