Yahoo Sitebuilder Update

Sitebuilder Yahoo Update

Yahoo Site Builder unfortunately cannot allow you to implement these simple three lines of code. Here we have an update on this topic. Updating an exisiting website created with Yahoo SiteBuilder 2.8.8.


Hello, the possible reasons why you may not be able to log in or post your website are that the old release is no longer support. Every release before 2.9 will give you this bug when you try to release, as these releases are still trying to use the older Yahoo ID logon and not the new Yahoo Small Business ID.

I' d suggest uninstalling SiteBuilder and any Java versions from your computer and then downloading the latest versions either from here or directly from here The site file on your computer remains as it is, and the most Java compliant installation is also applied when SiteBuilder is used.

As soon as this is done, please make the desired changes and republish your website ( with the Yahoo Small Business ID and your login name.

Issues updating my website with Site builder

Tried and tried all the proposals listed in the help articles several unsuccessfully reviewed and can not update my site. I used the Yahoo Site Builder for many years and never had any problem. When I try to post, the news is: "Sorry, your Aabaco ID or your Passphrase is wrong (Error -1)" How can I get my Aabaco user ID, my website and not public?

Hello, normally, as long as you have Aabaco ID associated with the site and an upgraded SiteBuilder installation, you should be able to easily install and use it. Currently we are offering SiteBuilder 2.9 either on or directly. In case you have an older installation, I suggest that you uninstall both SiteBuilder and Java, install a new installation using one of the above shortcuts, and try logging in again using SiteBuilder.

My Site Builder is the latest release (2.9.0 from 11/13/2015) and I haven't previously upgraded to any Java installation. I have the 2.9.0 release in: "Using a safe login connection" and "Automatically optimizing Site Builder". I' m trying to clear the photos that are not in use after years of website updates, but some may still occupy space.

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