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I'm more than just a little biased in favor of Google over Yahoo for everything else. Hosting plans can also create and manage blogs on their websites. If you' re experienced with Yahoo! and Google, which website builder and hosting would you use?

I' m more than just a little prejudiced in favor of Google over Yahoo for everything else. The Google Cloud can be a little expensive and is more than Enterprise Web Hosting, while your Apps for Business Suites include a Site Application that's more likely to match what you're looking for: Intranet, website creation and project management tools for businesses.

Your domains can be linked to your Google site. In addition, you receive the complete on-line buisness suites. More thoughts for Google: By far, Google is the dominating browser based browser (Chrome), OS (Chromium), computer (Chromecast) and even automated guided car searching system. It' s a good wager that a website created with Google's Site Builder will have a better set of SEOs than one created with Yahoo's.

Every templates and program-based builder pushes you to your limits when it comes to what you want to do in terms of layout, functionality and controlling your work. When you can't affordable to have your website created by a pro, and you can get along with the constraints and amount of free trial and error you need to do it yourself, more powerful for you and I'll wager Google is your best option.

The decision between the two I would make for Google for all the reason Quinn Rusnell mentions. It offers free hosting for up to 10 pages and supports not only MS platform like.NET, but also PHP and favourite utilities like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal (see Web Apps Overview). And there are other types of service that can be used seamlessly.

These are the only two types of service you should definitely go with Google instead of Yahoo, as their technology is Yahoo better. Yahoo as well as Google are both seach machines, but they provide web hosting as well as website builder, template and other small company service. To use TemplateToaster I would select the Website Builder utility.

The best website creator for professionals and novices. Obviously, I haven't had much on Yahoo, but I'd definitely go with Google first. Both Yahoo and Google are specialized searching machines. There are a lot of other companies offering this service, but I would go with a firm that specialises in hosting websites like Godaddy or Bluehost.

This is an essay that could help if your goal is to create a website that is associated with a blog:

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