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Create a website using Yahoo! Site Builder. Create the Yahoo! SiteBuilder website and select Yahoo for Hosting. Yahoo!

leads web users confidently into the world of website ownership. Press the Publish button and set your Web page addresses. The Yahoo Site Builder makes building your website easy.

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Build a fully functional website without HTML code. To begin from zero, click Launch PageBuilder or select a pre-built style below. To use PageBuilder you must be registered! PagBuilder Templates(Also in step-by-step PageWizards.)You don't know where to begin? Check out one of these quick launch guides. Select a topic that matches what your site is about.

Begin from zero. Launch a fansite. Make a web folder. SiteBuilder gives you more than 380 website layouts. What's new at PageBuilder? PageBuilder is a new tool that you can try out if you have not yet used PageBuilder. Use PageBuilder and make your own web pages in just 10 easy to follow easy to follow step.

Search the help section of PageBuilder to get fast responses. Latest PageBuilder release includes layer support! Allows you to interleave pictures and text to make more interesting page layouts. Pay attention to the new Page Effects of the PageBuilder. You can find Page Effects in the Insert palette or in the Add-Ons palette.

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Click on "Embed" in the POUBLISH screen and click on the "COPY CODE" item. Seems to ignore the shape's text colour attributes when it is pasted into the HTML cube. I' ve tried several different backgrounds, among them "transparent", and all I get is a blank one on the back of the page. No idea? easy to create, but how can I add it to my website that I created with perfect ease!

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The Yahoo Site Builder allows anyone to build a professionally designed website with easy utilities. Yahoo Website Builder provides many functions and is a good choice for those who can't handle HTML. Yahoo Web Builder lets you use a drag-and-drop text editor to build Web pages so no coding is required.

The Yahoo Site Builder provides many powerful functions. Modify the source tree yourself or use HTML or web authentication to build your website and work off-line. Grab and grab your designs with the drag-and-drop functionality that makes it really easy. With Yahoo SiteBuilder you can also move text on your page and reformat it to your liking.

Setting up your website has never been so simple. Yahoo Website Builder makes it simple to link to your website. You can also use Yahoo SiteBuilder to attach pictures to your pages and spontaneously resize them. The other great thing about Yahoo SiteBuilder is that it adjusts your picture to the web and saves it in the smallest possible filesize so your page will load more quickly.

Web Hosting Yahoo prices and functions..... The Yahoo Website Builder also includes an easy-to-use scroll bar builder to help you navigate your website. Allows you to easily design buttons and associate them with different pages. However, how do I post my website on the web after I have created it?

In order to put your website on the web, you need a Yahoo web host planning that makes your website available to the rest of the globe via the web. The Yahoo Website Builder was developed in collaboration with Yahoo Merchant Solutions. The integration of a Yahoo shop enables you to make sales on-line and is simple to set up.

You can easily accomplish the addition of various functions to your website by choosing from a wide range of add-ons such as Yahoo Maps, Site Search, Stats Counter, Time and Day Stamp and Yahoo Directions. Some of the many add-ons you get with the Yahoo Website Builder.

You don't have to type any coding - just choose from the SiteBuilder add-on menus.

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