Yahoo website Builder Templates

The Yahoo Website Builder Templates

Sitebuilder Yahoo I' ve been reading the introductory how to use the templates in the first Sticky Post...but I was asking myself if anyone had any previous experiences using these templates in Yahoo Site Builder? Especially all hosters who use a kind of site builder have it there for those who have no programming skills.

The last times I checked it out, it was a click and go style web builder. You' d have to look around Yahoo to see if they allow you to post your own web pages without using SiteBuilder. Found this hyperlink, everything about FFP.... It looks like you could be uploading your own website to your own website using your own upload file or offering your website creation tool if you want.

Everything will depend on your encoding grade. However, I have very little programming skills.... Could I try using Dreamweaver, is it a good/user friend? Well why use yahoo their month rate is high. it' only $8-9/mo not so much so much soo... but i ran across a website i am conscious that it was done with, but i was looking for a submission that looked like this.

WebSite Tonight v4.7.8 was used to create the website, an Internet-based hosted application similar to Yahoo. They could look at Yahoo templates and findonethat is near and changes it as much as you can with their sotware. Fundamentals - Download zipped archive, extract to working folder, open DW, download from working folder, modify words and images first, change later.

I ran it in Dreamweaver, thanks for your timing and your inputs! I' m not going to forgot to come here and put up my links once everything is up and running! By the way, are these boards bulletin boards? This is what you do and you don't neglect to give someone else a rating or help in answering a query, sharing your newly found DW know-how - that's what we're all about.

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