yoy| How to buy photos and artwork at YAY Image Agency Our search is for a large number of pictures and illustration for either business, editing or artistic purposes. This page provides information on how to register with YAY, how to post and resell your pictures, what commissions you earn and how to advertise your pictures. We' re constantly upgrading our website and plan to publish several photo feature releases this year.

Fifty percent of the fee is paid to the participants in all individual frame sale transactions. Subscription fees are 1.5 per 1.5 EUR per file for high-resolution downloads, 0.75 for medium-sized pictures and 0.20 for small pictures. For all our affiliate sells we are offering you a 50% comission. All our affiliates licence your pictures at different rates, which range from the price of a YAY to several hundred dollar per picture.

At YAY it is important to us that the photographer receives a reasonable comission! Click My Account, and then select Upload. When you have a video image here, you can download a zipped image with the jumpg to get the IPTCs. Please describe your pictures. Please enter the name of the picture here.

Enter the name of the state in which the photograph was taken. Select between creativity and editoriality. The use of pictures for editing purposes is more restricted. In the case of an edited picture, please provide details such as the name of the person, date, place and/or name of the show. Once the photograph is created and has a proprietary or design approval, it can be appended here.

In order to append a shared style or a shared feature, click on "Shares" in the navigation bar on the right. Then click on " Insert Shared Models " or " Insert Shared Properties ". This is the land the replica comes from. This is the year the mock-up was made. In case the modell has a published homepage, you can insert it here. In case the models has any information, e.g. the former postal adress, it can be added here.

Picture: Please send us a picture of the sitter. Enable: All you need is one approval per style. Pictures that you have filed and are awaiting verification are displayed here.

Authorized pictures that are available for purchase are displayed here. Pictures must have at least 6 Megapixel and additionally at least 1500 Pixel on each side. JPEG, JPEG 2000, SVG and EPS are accepted (should be AI8 compliant. JPEG files). Notice: You do not need to up-load a JPEG with your own video in it.

The system generates a automatic image file named JPYEG. When you want to use a JPEG for your JPTC files, you can zap and load a single file of your own PPEG and PPEG (or SVG) together, and any PPEG information found in the PPEG will be placed on the description page. Earn 20% on all client recommendations, 0. 1 on all affiliate recommendations and more!

9,177,049 pictures from more than 10,181 photographers. Guaranteed image clarity and high definition. Easily find, display and retrieve pictures.

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