Year 6 Weebly

6 Year 6 Weak

Saint-Vinnies: Volume 6 Class of 2018 Kindly note the note below from the parent organizing the end of year discotheque décor. Décor crew needs pictures of every pupil from 6th grade. Approximately 1 to 7 photographs from the preparation to the 6th grade or from the moment the pupil began at our college to the 6th grade.

Pictures from the sport days, swim, montage, party.... Even if the graduate can't go to the graduation, we need pictures of all the kids. Note that Wednesday 28 February is the last date on which you can order the Senior Commemorative 2018 commemorative teepee.

You can buy the jersey on the Munchmonitor and the sizes correspond to the sizes of the students' shirts. Pupils will travel to St. Kevin's this Wednesday to attend the leadership liturgy of the Catholic schools on the Gold Coast. At 9:00 the ceremonies begin and the pupil returns to class at 13:00.

The pupils should take their teas in one-way pouches. The 6th grade and their Prep Buddies will celebrate Mass together on Sunday 4 March at 9:00 a.m. at the Sacred Heart Church. All 6th grade pupils and their family are encouraged to join us on this particular date to welcome the new preparation pupils to our schools and parishes.

Note that 6th grade pupils will receive their senior badges on Monday 12 February at 14:15 at the Sacred Heart Church. 23 January Welcome to Year 6!

Home in year 6 - Home

Hopefully you had a great vacation and are (more or less) looking forward to beginning your studies in middle schools. Well, good luck to you this weekend. This year, good luck. This year. Hopefully you had a great beginning into the vacation and had the opportunity to experience the beautiful weathers.

By the end of the academic year we have made it, the vacations are over and the 6th grade has completed their elementary schooling. This semester the 6th grade at DT worked really hard to design and manufacture their mittens. We spent a little more quality finishing her off this weekend.

Today the sixth grade went to Bath Spa University. Class 6 was a real treat today and I'm really proud of how they acted and how quickly they acquired new abilities. Tuesday the 6th class went to Temple Meads Station to construct their boat for the Bristol Harbour Festival.

I would like you to mail all your pictures (also Selfies) either to my e-mail address or to the university. Unfortunately we had plans to go to the court, but the bad luck was not in our favor. The years 3-6 were playing plays, had cookies and wild jams (made by year 4), crisp loaf (made by year 5), pizza and fried potatoes ( made by year 6).

This semester we worked on our knowledge of sport and our knowledge of the game. We were really fortunate with the wheather and the 6th class gets better every time.

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