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Write Web Builder - Write Business Supplementary Services means various domain name registrations for .co. uk and . uk domain names and webmailbox according to their service rules, as well as any other services provided from period to period on or through Website Builder. The Yell Website Builder is a service where we make a website available to you in accordance with these service rules.

Yell Web Builder is a Web site provided by Yell Web Builder. There is a 12-month start-up period for the Web Builder and the additional service. Additional services can be added in conjunction with the Yell Web Builder. All additional services will expire, terminate or suspend upon any such modification to the state of the associated Yell Web Builder.

You are billed for additional services by Mamesco Limited, a corporation incorporated in England and Wales under number 3913408 ("Mamesco"), on our behalf, and your receipt of payments by Mamesco relieves Mamesco of its respective liabilities to Yell. The Yell Web Builder page editors give you unrestricted Web Builder authoring and editing time.

There are no designs or edits that we offer in relation to your website. Yell Website Builder fees are free of charge. Their website is regarded as advertising and as a free service. As an additional service, if we choose to enroll a domain name for your website, it must be enrolled in accordance with the Service Rules for Registering Domain Names.

When you use a domainname for your website that you have personally subscribed to, then: a. you do not have direct mail box and e-mail accounts with this service; c. publishing your website means making your website available, even if you do not re-submit your domainname.

Your website will be provided with our web host. Neither do you have the right to host your site on an alternate host, nor do you have the right to copy the look and feel of your site to a site that is hosted by a third person, and you agree not to do so. The Yell Web Builder includes: a. A website submission with limitless pages selected from those already available through the website builder; b. A co. uk and/or . uk top-level domains; d. E-mail host with a POP3 mailbox, 100 MB of disk space, and viruses and spammers out.

a. We provide already available website template through the Website Builder; b. You are in charge of choosing an appropriate website style sheet and filling it with your own contents; d. You are in charge of posting your website through the Website Builder to make it public.

Without giving us advance notification, we may periodically revise your website to make it more functional, to enhance its content and look, to make complaints about infringements of third parties' rights, or to correct an allegation of non-compliance. Your website's portable edition contains content from your desktops and has the same number of pages and style as the desktops edition.

Your desktops are optimized for surfing your site on the go, 14. You have the right to add our company name and a hyperlink at the bottom of any page on your website (e.g. in the footer).

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