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The YOLA Centre in Inglewood

August 15, 2018 - The Los Angeles Philharmonic today announced the architectonic proposal of Gehry Partners, LLC, for its new Judith and Thomas L. Beckmen YOLA Center @ Inglewood: the first ever dedicated residential building for the Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA).

After the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, the new centre will be a third location of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. This 25,000 square feet, $14. 5 million building development transforms the former Security Pacific Bank facility on 101 South La Brea Avenue in downtown Inglewood.

Working closely with Gustavo Dudamel, Frank Gehry, the world-renowned designer who created the Walt Disney Concert Hall, worked out the concept for this centre and created a light-flooded, versatile setting for practice, courses and show. Throughout the years, the YOLA@EXPO Center, originally founded in 2007 in association with the Harmony Project and the EXPO Center, an institution of the Recreation and Parks Department of Los Angeles, was complemented by additions to include York@HOLA (2010, with Heart of Los Angeles), YOLA@LACHSA (2014, with the Los Angeles County Office of Education), and YOLA@Camino Nuevo (2017, with Camino Nuevo Charter Academy).

The YOLA programmes currently in place are designed for pupils between the age of five and eighteen who are learning in a combined eight different bands. Since YOLA is predominantly an extracurricular programme, the new centre offers significant possibilities for tomorrow's uses which connect individuals and respond to the needs of the wider society. New YOLA Center will be built thanks to a management present from Judith and Thomas L. Beckmen.

At the heart of the Beckmen YOLA Center is a showroom that can be converted into two smaller, multifunctional auditoriums. Chairs and a large semi-circular platform are located in an acoustical shell created by Yasuhisa Toyota, founder and president of Nagata Acoustics America, and Frank Gehry. Choral room, Ensembles hall and small training room are equipped with record functions to assist YOLA pupils in admission to high schools and colleges.

Integrated fibre optics provide remote instruction and webcasting. There are also office spaces and an open plan common room for families and families to use during YOLA classes. In order to do justice to the programme, the draft expands the basements and mezzanines of the edifice to a full 11,500 square feet.

In addition to Frank Gehry in the Gehry Partners Gehry Partners development department, Craig Webb and Thomas Kim work as well. Drama advisor is TheaterDNA, light designers are Tillotson Designs Architects, acoustic consultants for ensembles and other rooms are Newson Brown Acoustics, and audio and projections consultants are Sonitus, LLP, with Meyer Sounds' assistance for PA.

YOLA Center is a pro bono donation of Frank Gehry's own time. Los Angeles Philharmonic is thankful to the following early movers and shakers who are contributing to the Judith and Thomas L. Beckmen YOLA Center @ Inglewood: Amgen Foundation, Carrie und Stuart Ketchum, Linda May und Jack Suzar, Rob Lovelace und Alicia Miñana, Margaret Morgan und Wesley Phoa, Sue Tsao, Legacy Foundation, Dena und Irv Schechter/The Hyman Levine Family Foundation :

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