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Download pictures from website | Yola customer community Hello Saml, As far as I know, have you been downloading the pictures and having trouble locating them? Normally, if this is true, when you download from your file manager, the pictures will be saved to your computer's harddisk in a place of your choice. When using Firefox, I suggest to click on "Tools" > "Downloads".

You will see a listing of recently accessed elements and should see what you are downloading. Basically, in IE, the standard storage place for your downloads is C: \Users, \yourname, \Downloads.

Added an embedded pay-and-download capability

Our on-line shop provides enhanced functions, which include the sale and administration of e-goods. Have a look at our eGadget Sale of Ego Buying tutorial and start your on-line store. Yola's on-line shop is built into your Yola accounts so you have everything you need at your ready. In order to attach it to your website, just pull the shop widget onto your page using drag-and-drop and following the instructions.

the Payloadz support. When you choose this option, you can simply add it to your Yola page: Below is some more information about how PayLoadz deliver your goods to the customers (taken from their FAQ): Customers search a website and find one or more items they want to buy.

You click on the "Buy Now" link created by the PayLoadz system to place an article in the basket. After you have added all articles, click on "Checkout" to buy your articles. You will be asked for your PayPal or Google Checkout username and password. Once they have finalized the checkout procedure, the PayPal or Google Checkout servers communicate with the PayLoadz servers and transmit the transactions to our system.

Neither the client nor the retailer can see this happening. The system will then send your client an e-mail with a user-defined "Thank You" text that you provide during the production cycle and a download product download button. You will also be directed to the download page immediately after paying at PayPal and Google Checkout, which gives you immediate acces to your purchases.

It is an encrypted hyperlink that is immediately processed on the PayLoadz website when you click on it and asks the client to either open or store the download pop-up window. And the whole procedure takes place in a few seconds. You' ll be alerted with two e-mails, one copy of the e-mail sent by PayLoadz to the client and one for notification of payments from PayPal or Google Checkout.

If there is a trouble with the e-mail being delivered to the client, we will e-mail you the double download e-mail. Someone can buy and download your goods in less than a second. It' simple to bring your company with Yola on-line.

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