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find out more about the advantages and disadvantages An increasing number of small businesses are using eBay or Etsy trading sites to market their goods on-line. Many of them also find it useful to set up their own shop to be more self-sufficient if, for example, eBay chooses to raise its selling prices again. It' s great that many website builder websites are now adding e-commerce power to their platform.

Webs.com, Jimdo and Webnode, for example, have been selling their shops for some time now. Continue reading to see where Yola is and what we think of the new shop! Unless you are a Yola bronce or a Yola sterling client, the cost of the shop is $19.95 per monthly.

Nothing much for a fully functioning webshop that doesn't bill selling commission. A thing you will quickly see is that Yola did not design this shop themselves - they licenced it from Ecwid, a business with a clear e-commerce widget bias. For this reason, the edit feels a little different than with Yola's original Widget - but see the below for more.

Yola's new on-line shop is full of great things to do! Watch this videoclip to see how the Yola Retail Store works: To see what the Ecwid shop looks like and how it works, you can also go to ecwid.com, build a shop with its free layout and place it on your new or legacy website.

Just insert the HTML provided by Ecwid into a Yola HTML widget. You can also take a look at our complete Yola test here. Hopefully you enjoyed this reviews and if you have any question, please do not hesitate to post a message!

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Yola. With a name that resembles a Kinks tune, Yola is a basic website builders with good eCommerce and a significant community of users. Yola was formed as SynthaSite" in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2007, renamed itself in 2009 and is headquartered in San Francisco. "Yola is the place where you can incubate your great ideas," is Yola's answer to the question in the Yola FAQ.

Once Yola created a little enthusiasm about the technical press coverage, although this seems to have calmed down in recent years. With 12 million global subscribers and over 60 employees in the US and South Africa, Yola is no small fish in the website creation business. Though Yola uses a free premium subscriber scheme that is similar to that of most competitors, it is not possible to offer a free premium subscriber only.

Another part of the price structure I found strange was the fact that eCommerce is not part of any of the schemes and has to be bought seperately for $10 per months. Makes a Yola eCommerce website less inexpensive than it would appear at first glance. Yola's maps, rates and functions are shown here:

But I can't help but note that Yola's Gold Scheme, at double the price of the Silver Scheme, doesn't give you much more for the cash. Just insert an on-line shop and an e-mail and soon you will be speaking of genuine cash. All of Yola's cloud-based. Yola's choice of templates can only be described as a disappointment.

Yola offers you 15 attractive template choices when you start building your website. Weebly offers you 60 patterns and Wix 283! In addition, the originals all look a little outdated and everyday. They are not arranged according to category, but when you read through them, they appear appropriate to those in the following fields:

When you have at least one Silver plan, you will also find 76 "Premium" template choices. You' might think, "Oooh, premier template - they wouldn't call them that if they weren't good, would they? "Well, I really don't like peeing in your Cheerios, but not only are these patterns not portable, they're also much more ugly than the other patterns!

To be no smart aleck, but simply to see what is sufficient as a "premium" artwork on the Yola planet: 2007 was just launched and demanded the secure retrieval of the lacking artwork. More than 100 "free" presets are also contained. You make the other models look like envisioned designer masterpieces. This " free " style sheet is great if you want to build a strict ironical website (an undersupplied public in the Website Builders section).

Maintaining your Yola website is easy enough, although the whole thing makes you sometimes seem clumsy and counterintuitive. Beginning with the Windows 98-like margins box that you immediately see as you move your mouse pointer over your items, Yola's website edit expertise for a website creator in 2017 seems a little out of place.

If you drag and drop items onto your page, Yola won't give you much leeway. Put bluntly, Yola's writer is more disappointing than anything. Styles Editor: Fortunately, given the dull qualities of some of the originals, Yola offers you a wide range of styles workability. Yola offers Silver/Gold customers who know one or two things about encoding the ability to customize your website's CSS/HTML as you wish.

With Yola, you can get a glimpse of the look of your website on desktops and mobiles, as is common in the game. Simply click on "Desktop" or "Mobile" in the upper area. Unfortunately there are no Undo/Redo keys and no Historical keys in Yola to restore previously stored version of your website.

Yola functions range from stunning (Ecwid-based eCommerce) to mysterious non-existent. E-commerce: By integrating with Ecwid, Yola's online store functionality is probably the most attractive part. With Yola guiding you through every facet of your store setup, over 160 currency supports, no missing transactions charges and the capability to deliver up to 1000 items, it's an amazing e-commerce tool.

It can even be linked to your Google Analytics email address, which allows you to send ads to your clients on the basis of the articles they've seen on previous Google Analytics purchases. Although it is not an internal function, the Ecwid Store works well in any website Builder that uses it, and Yola is no exception to this.

And, unlike the rest of your Yola site, the shop can be administered from your smart phone. Simply browse and browse the Ecwid Web site and link it to your shop. Picture processing program: Yola is integrated with Aviary for simple photographing. It' actually the same picture editors used by many website developers, but I think Yola is the only developer who uses it that recognizes the inclusion.

Yola's configurable Yola Contacts is one of the best things about it. With the latest Yola featured upgrade, the entry boxes are all reactive, so they extend in width to match what's being typed. Yola's Contacts Forms creator is well tailored to the needs of a small company. Yola's Google Translate Widget offers its customers a certain level of multilingual assistance.

It'?s Call Builder: Yolas Traffic Builder provides an advanced analytics software to help you choose your most popular sites, track your rankings and check your website for analytics and SEO-friendliness. There is more to it than the mediocre website creator, technically speaking although some auditors have challenged its usefulness. The other Yola functions are:

Models: Yola gives you 15 respected response forms to select from when you create your website, as I stated in the introduction, and once you sign up you get instant entry to a load of "premium" and "free" forms that vary in size from slow to this - hilariously - weird. That much is dependent on the level of template choice and design provided by a Website builder, which is why weaknesses in this area are so consistent.

Yola does not have an application for processing data on the move, but you can also use Ecwid's Online Store application to run your eCommerce. While Yola's 15 appealing themes will look good on a smart phone, using one of the other themes requires you to create a dedicated web site around your choice of themes.

This will look even poorer than the desktop versions of the unresponsive template. Professional tip: Do not use these originals. While you won't find an app store for third-party Widgets such as Wix and Weebly, you'll find a host of third-party functionality. You will find integration with Ecwid, Aviary, Permanent Contact, Wufoo, Flickr, Google Maps, Google Adsense, PayPal, YouTube, Metacafe, Facebook, Twitter and, last but not least, Google+.

Yola's Ecwid stores offer a broad selection of payments processing options. Yola's client assistance consists of an FAQ, a set of Tutorials, e-mail assistance and, for paying customers, a Lifechat. Professionals have received a number of grievances about Yola: A thing I noted when checking Yola's client feedbacks is a bunch of complains about her accounting practice.

The Yola representative often tries to react to these complaints in public, but I would be negligent if I did not take account of their incidence and stubbornness. When you purchase a Yola Premier plan, please review your monthly statement. The evaluators commended Yola for the following: Couldn't help but noticing that Yola's better functions - e-commerce, photo editing program, etc..

are third parties integration solutions that can be found among many of Yola's peers. In this context, I have to ask myself if Yola is bringing something of particular value to the website building community, even though her overall set is strong enough. Although they once seemed to be enjoying a little enthusiasm, Yola seems to have become self-satisfied in recent years.

Actually, Yola doesn't have any special features, unless you are counting the funny-traggling " Free " originals. Hopefully Yola will be investing in a rebuild and regaining some of his former swing.

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