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all the help you need, whenever you need it! Have you got a questions, a hitch, a feedback or a suggestion for Yola? Where can I get help with my Yola page? To get immediate responses, enter your query in the query field on our technical assistance page. Have a look at our technical literature.

Send a technical inquiry at any point of the night if you don't find the answer.

Take advantage of our Sitebuilder chat service during your weekly Sitebuilder days between 7:00am GMT and 22:00pm GMT. What is the fastest way to get a reply to my question? All Yola Bronze, Yola Silver and Yola Gold clients get primary focus and we do our best to reply to all premium technical queries within 24hrs, but we reply to all client e-mails if available.

Reaction times may differ according to the weight and length of the drawbar, but under all conditions we will contact you as soon as possible! When you have premium technical assistance and do not receive a response within 24hrs, please be sure to review your spam/junk mail folders, as e-mails are sometimes forwarded there by your e-mail services.

Have a look at our Yola Add to Safe Senders Add page for more information on how to add to your Safe Contact page for support@yola.com so this does not happen. Whom will answer my question? Yola staff member, kind and skilled! We' re not outsourcing our assistance.

All our employees are familiar with our products and can give you a precise and competent response to your queries. Are you offering telephone assistance? At Yola, we are dedicated to providing effective and fast client service. Though we do not offer telephone assistance, you can still reach us via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. If you are a Yola Bronze, Yola Silver or Yola Gold member, you can also get in touch with us via Live Chat when you open your page in Sitebuilder.

And what is online chats? Chat Live allows you to chat with one of our trained support staff in real time. You can also ask our staff for assistance with any queries regarding our products or services by using our online form. As a rule, this type of assistance is available Monday - Friday from 7.00 - 22.00 GMT. In order to get hold of the Q&A session, click the Ask a Question tabs on the menu on the left of your My Yola page.

Alternatively, you can use the Sitebuilder to get in touch with us by simply klicking on the Instant Help Wizard at the bottom right of any of your web sites. Enter your query and click Chat. What should I do to notify something I think is a Yola issue, mistake or a bug?

Please help us to help you! We' ll publish our company blog update, and you can also get notifications by signing up for the Yolaewsletter.

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