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With Style Designer you can easily add a logo to your website. Note that this feature is only available on the templates in our Responsive folder. hiennguyen has selected a winning design for the logo design competition.

Where can I insert my logo in the area?

Using the Stylish Creator, you can simply insert a logo into your website. As soon as you have a responsive artwork, learn how to apply your logo here: Visit Styles > Designers. Click Logo under the Colors section. Click Edit > Choose Picture in the Logo Editor dialogue that opens.

Now you can either download a picture from your computer or search for an picture using the picture manager. After adding, you can specify the orientation and width of your logo. In the Style Designer dialogue window, click the Save button and the logo will be displayed on all your pages on your website.

5 minute website corrections: This is how to modify and delete a logo from Yola Sitebuilder

Log in to create a Yola web site, choose a theme from our template gallery, and customize your new web experience. Modify the copy, load your own pictures and keep your Call to action button in order. You are on your way to release, but there is still one last thing to do.

It'?s your corporate brand. The Haystack logo is in the top right of the screen and you see that it doesn't work. When you call Sitebuilder, click on the painter's gum in the top right to open the Style Designer. Next to "Colors" in Style Designer you see "Logo". Choose it and your logo designer will appear in the Style Designer.

If you already have a company logo that you want to post, that's great! Just click on the "Edit" icon, click on "Select image" and load it here. Professional tip: Find out how to design a logo with a clear backdrop. Completely delete the logo - Whether you are a new company without a logo or have designed a custom website and don't need a logo, it' easy to delete the default logo within Style Designer.

Do you have any hints you'd like to find in our 5-minute Website Fix Serie?

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