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You know, Yola tutorials: Mobile Publishers - What is Mobile Publish? The Mobile Publisher is built to help your clients find you from anywhere, anytime. Mobile publication capabilities allow you to streamline your Yola site and make it available specifically for mobile display. When your website uses one of our response templates, it is already mobile!

In order to see what your website looks like on a mobile devices, click on the Mobile Previews icon at the top of the display. The Mobile Plus is available for each of our response template options and is available for Yola Silver and Yola Gold only. Helps make it more user-friendly for mobile workers by showing your company number, uptime, and your real adress.

Shift to the right to activate this function. When you don't want your company information to be shown, you can switch the back arrow to the right. While we recommend that you use a response submission, you have the choice to use our Legacy Mobile Publish options if you decide to use a non-reactive submission.

Mobile Publication is only available for Yola Silver and Yola Gold people. In order to use this function, switch the key to the right. If you use this setting, most of the templates on your website will be hidden and a streamlined copy of your website will be displayed to everyone who visits it on a mobile phone. Easily include a pushbutton that allows your clients to call you immediately without having to browse your website.

It is possible to insert a card icon to show a card in your company, which makes it easy for clients to find you. Decide whether you want to show the site's corporate design on your mobile optimised site. Mobile Mobile Publication Option is developed to help your website meet Google's mobile friendliness test.

Here is how you can review your website:1. Post your website with the reactive extensions.2. Go to the Mobile-Friendly Test page.3. Type your web page URL (e.g.: mysite.com)4. Please note: If you use a non-reactive format and do not use the Legacy Mobile Publication Options, your website will not meet Google's Mobile Friend Test.

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