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We' re here to tell you if Yola's worth it. What does it take to buy a Yola brand? We are happy to be able to provide you with inexpensive top-level sites and web sites. Notice that purchasing a custom domain from Yola does not involve hosting. Please be aware that the purchase of a unique Yola site does not imply that Yola is a registered user.

There are three types of hosted packages: Gold, Yola Bronze, Yola Silver and Yola Gold, available on a recurring basis, either once a month or annually. Have a look at our price list for more information.

If you buy Yola Bronze, Yola Silver or Yola Gold every year, you get two month of free webhosting and, if you buy a webpage with your bundle, you also get one year of free webpage protection. Unless otherwise stated, all fees for registering a registered trademark are in US dollars and for one year.

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Yola lets you create and purchase your website for free to update it with web hosting, a custom domainname, and an e-mail adress. All Yola does is create and host web sites. With Yola's website creation capabilities, you can create your own website or let Yola do it for you for free, and you can update to paying, premier capabilities such as custom domains, brand-name e-mail account and your own webshop.

You can also use Yola to build a portable copy of your website along with a Facebook page. Yola can take it for you. Built-in menu allows you to build several pages and connect them together so that your site is not overloaded. By purchasing the Yola Silver Upgrades, you can build a two-level navigational tree.

You can use the Image Galleries widget to help you build a full picture gallary in a lightbox. At Yola, we design pages so that they are prepared for search engine optimization. You must make sure that you have a valid licence to use the typeface, and you must update to the Yola Silver Pack. A few website builders are forcing you to place advertisements that benefit them, but Yola does not.

At the same the Yola website is created in a portable way and a default one. Buy a customized domainname to make your website easy to memorize. Mysite. yolasite. com is more difficult to memorize than Mysite. com, and it is not rated as high in searchengine results.

They can also buy a wide range of user-defined domains, all pointing to the same location, such as Mysite.com, Mysite.net, Mysite.org, and Mysite.co.uk. So if you already have your own name, you can move it to Yola. You can also use Yola e-mail account. For example, you can label your e-mail addresses - e.g. Myname@Mysite.com - so that they match your website.

Set up an on-line shop and select from multiple customisable layout options. The Yola on-line shop helps you keep tabs on your stocks so you don't mistakenly start selling something you don't have in your warehouse. Yola integrates more than 20 different methods of electronic transactions, so you can either pay by PayPal or pay by card.

The Yola shops are also integrated into forwarding agencies such as FedEx and the United States Postal Services. You can use Yola to help you create an affiliate bank with the email marketer, Permanent Contact. They can use this facility to gather client e-mail address through your website and immediately after the decision to e-mail and newsletter to clients.

Placing a contact sheet on every page of your website so they can contact you directly, Full Slate will help you setup your dates on-line and administer your itinerary. At Yola, we offer a wide range of website hosted plans for clients who subscribe to a Premierscription.

Worked with Prolexic, an on-line safety firm that protects Web sites and datacenters from Dedicated Denial of Service threats designed to prevent the general public from visiting Web sites. You will have full documentary as well as on-line trainings to familiarize you with various web site creation techniques.

Use the Yola Community Forum, the automatic help system, or directly get in touch with our technical department and work with an in-house engineer via e-mail or via our online help system. Clients who update their account will get prioritized technical assistance.

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