You can order delivery online from Yola's Cafe in Madison instantly! Latest tweets from Yola's Cafe (@yolascafe): Yola's Cafe menu - Madison, WI Coffee Shop Bakery products without and without veg are also available. Yola's is renowned for these rare and tasty belgium wafers with malt. Serve with melted butter sauce and sirup. Classical wafer / 5.

49Our tasty home-made gold magnetized wafer, sprinkled with icing sugar just like Grandma Yola used to do! Children's meal 4.99Age 10 & below All food is provided with fresh seasonal fruit.

Slide Dick cut homemade chips or green mix are used for all our snacks and are hot packed unless otherwise stated. Each salad is accompanied by a freshly baked roll and butter. Seasonally from the working day to the memorial day and is serviced with a freshly baked roll & butter.

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sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

Vast Plain Land", is the capitol and the administration hub of the state of Adamawa, Nigeria. It is situated on the Benue and has 336,648 inhabitants (2010). The Yola is divided into two parts. Yola's old quarter, where the Lamido is situated, is the old one, but the new Jimeta (about 5 km northwest) is the administration and trade area.

In general, the word Yola is used today for both. The Mandara Mountains are located in the northern part and the Shebshi Mountains in the southern part with Dimlang (bird) Peak, the second highest point in Nigeria (2,042 m) after Chappal Waddi (mountain of death). The Yola is an entrance point to the Gashaka Gumpti Nature Reservation, Nigeria's biggest nature preserve, the Ngel Nyaki Montan forests reservation, the Mambilla Plateau, the UNESCO World Culture Site Sukur, which was the first African culture site to be entered on the World Culture List,

The Yadin Waterfalls, the Kiri Dam on the Gongola Rivers, the Benue Natural Reserve in Cameroon, the Waza Natural Reserve and the Cameroon city of Garoua, on the other side of the border, on the Benue-Rivers. Yola was founded in 1841 and is a community that stretches across the slopes of this northeastern part of Nigeria.

Today it is the capitol of the Adamawa State, which originated in 1991 from a part of the Gongola State. In 1841, Modibbo Adama, a Fulani boss, established Yola. The probably first Europeans to visited the area was Heinrich Barth in 1851, just after the foundation of Yola. Yola has the first Nigerian airports and the first city with power connection.

Jimeta has a local food store, a petting zoo, Saudi Arabia airports with air links to Saudi Arabia, NiPost and NiTel office, as well as the capital Moscow and Catholic Church. Several educational establishments are situated in the centre of the city: AUN [ the first and only African research institute ], Adamawa State Polytechnic, The Modibbo Adama University of Technology Yola (MAUTECH), formerly known as Federal University of Technology, Yola, about 10 km northern of the capital on the highway to Mubi,

Federal Government Girls College, Yola, AUN Academy (ABTI Academy), Aliyu Mustapha Academy, Chiroma Ahmad Academy, Ahmadu Ribadu College, MAUTECH UAS, Concordia College (das von der National Association of Nigerian Students zur besten Post-Grundschule des Jahres 2007 nominiert wurde) The Yola campus also hosts one of the six Nigerian Law Schools, which is situated next to the American university of Nigeria and many other education facilities.

The Adamawa has one of the best deposits in Nigeria, about 5 km from the Numan highway. A Fulbe colony, the city is now home to almost all of Nigeria's indigenous peoples and the neighbouring Central African nation of Cameroon.

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