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Upload your video to a website like YouTube or Metacafe and then add it to your site using YouTube or Metacafe widgets. Add ing a Videos to the Website Then you can post your movie on a website like YouTube or Metacafe and use the YouTube or Metacafe widgets to attach it to your site. How to use the YouTube Widget to attach a movie to your page: Choose Popular from the drop-down list. Simply click and drag a YouTube Widget onto your page.

How to look for a video: Enter your browse preferences and click Browse Videos. Choose the one you want to include from the results. When you already have the url of the videos you want to use: If you click on the dropdown list (below the "Search" field) that says that you need to enter a YouTube URL by hand, you will be prompted to enter the name of the YouTube file.

Type the URL of your movie and click Append movie URL. Click this button. When you are finished adding your movie, click Saving. How to insert a movie to your page with the Metacafe Movie Widget: Choose from the dropdown list that appears. Dragging and dropping a Metacafe Movie Widget onto your page.

Insert the url (in the top right corner of the location toolbar - not the sharing link) for the Metacafe movie you want to use in the opening dialogue area. Or you can browse for a Metacafe movie by selecting Browse Metacafe. The Metacafe website opens and you can browse for the video you want to use.

In the Metacafe Movie Wizard, copy and paste it into the box "Video URL". When you click Save, the movie will be embeded into your webpage.

You know, Yola tutorials: Submit my own movie

At the moment we don't have a utility to allow you to post your videos and watch them on your Yola page. As soon as you have the HTML you need, you can use an HTML Widget to attach it to your website. "ressources " is the name of the file manager (you must not modify this).

"Folders " - if your files are in a directory, specify the name of the directory. "The name of your filename is file.mp4". In addition, you must make sure that the pathname is the same as the pathname in the Files Manager in uppercase and lowercase characters, periods, dashes, etc. Here is how to how to add your HTML to an HTML widget:

Dragging and dropping an HTML Widget onto your page. Then the HTML editor opens so that you can insert the HTML editor text. See how your tape works. A buffer time may exist - the performance depends on the performance of your webhost. Note that although the source can work now, we cannot ensure that it will work in the will.

It is also possible to use YouTube or Metacafe Widget to attach a movie to your website. Please make sure that you own the copyrights to the videos you are going to play.

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