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They can get much more for cheaper from other website builders. So if your answers to these two questions are "yes," then a website builder tool like Yola is probably what you need! _history" id="Corporate_history">Unternehmensgeschichte[edit]>/span> At Yola we offer different types of services: Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premier. Free sign-up comes with a three-page website, 1GB downloading capability and essential Web Builder utilities. The Yola Bronze is $49.

95 per year and comes with 2GB of disk space, a customized personal registered domains, as well as limitless pages and bandwith.

The Yola Silvery edition will require subscription payers to make an $99.95 per annum payment. Compared to Bronze, silver has many extra functions, among them an extended memory of 5 GB, limitless high-quality lifestyles as well as mobility and Facebook publish. These include removing Yola brands from users' websites, Google and Facebook advertising credit, and other web builder utilities.

Over and above the Silver functions, Yola has added Silver Yola to include full site tracking, automated satellite analytics and full site optimisation scanning, and an $199.95 per year charge. Every bundle is also available at a per month rate of $5.95 for Bronze, $12.95 for Silver and $24.95 for Gold.

Yola Silver allows the user to have a clear bottom line without Yola branching. And Yola also provides a professionally designed e-mail client named Yola Mail, which provides end users with a full e-mail account for their user-defined domain names and unrestricted nicknames that can be administered from an outbox. The Yola Mail is available for $9.96 a year.

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