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Videotape: To apply for membership for your Yola website without encoding A common ask from our site is how to create a member list where site viewers can sign up, administer their profiles, and link to others. A system of this kind offers website publishers many benefits - it allows them to create an on-line audience, test new concepts and potentially open up more sales potential.

The traditional process of creating an individual member request is both expensive and complicated. Caspio's Cloud Data Center makes it easy for you to build your own member request and change it as needed. An Caspio-based affiliate program may also be secured by a user ID so that only authorised members can register to gain entry to certain information or service.

For your quick start, we've produced a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to create a subscription request and how to integrate it into a Yola website in less than 30 seconds without having to write a line of coding. Member applications can readily be customized for various purposes: company entries, products catalogues, services entries, employee/customer lists, affiliate websites, shopping guide, and the listing goes on.

New to Caspio, read our contribution to creating a database-driven website and get a free Caspio trial emailccount!

The Yola Website Frequently Asked Questions | The Yola.com FAQ Responses

What is the story of Yola? Created in early 2007 in Cape Town, Yola (originally named "SynthaSite") is headquartered in San Francisco in 2009. During 2009 we renamed our company to Yola. I' m Yola from the Hindio term "jhola," which means Luke. where you can incubate your great ideals.

Are there any Yola related activities? Iola is a website builder and web host that provides everything a small company or organisation needs to differentiate itself on-line. Yola is a great way to quickly build and start a website, from user-defined domainnames to template designs to dependable, banner-free web hostings. Have a look at our functions or check out our package for more information.

Yola, how does she make it? All of our core Sitebuilder and Hosted Solutions are free of cost. As your company expands, you can take your Yola site to the next step with our enhanced add-on capabilities and premier hosting plans such as Yola Silver and Yola Silver. Although we bill for these functions, we make these charges as low as possible to keep you in the black. What's more, we'll keep you in the dark.

Yola only suitable for small companies? No, the service and functionality that makes our small corporate clients feel good will also make your non-profit or face-to-face interests smile. Instead of using a web designer, why should I use Yola? You' ll be saving cash and having full access to your website when you build it yourself with Yola.

Modify themes, images, text, and more directly from Yola Sitebuilder. Where are the distinctions between the Yola Free, Yola Bronze and Yola Silver packs? The Yola Free has everything you need to get your website up and running quickly and simply, plus the Yola Sitebuilder, free sub-domain site building, free broadband, and easy acces to our award-winning support.

As well as all the great Yola Free functionality, Yola offers Bronze, our entry-level host set, premier host, domainname pointing and twice as much space. If you' re willing to take your site to the next step, Yola Silver offers enhanced functionality such as premium style, portable printing, Yola logo removing, and more.

May I use my ownomainname? Either you can buy your own domainname directly from Yola or move your domainname to Yola. In addition, you can refer your previously registrated domainname to your Yola page when you purchase Yola Bronze or Yola Silver. More information can be found in our Domains and Website Publication Guide Tutor.

No, Yola offers unrestricted bandwith, so you don't have to bother if your site makes it to the Google homepage. Yola really free? Yes, our Yola Free Pack is really and really free. At Yola, we exist to help you create a website that you are proud of. There is a function you'd like to see in Yola that you'd like to see, just let us know.

It' simple to bring your company with Yola on-line.

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