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Topics and Plugins for WordPress and Joomla is the most powerfull topic and page building tool for WordPress and Joomla. Grab all the utilities you need to build demanding Web sites. Widget Kit extends your WordPress and Joomla website with slide shows, galeries, acordions and much more. Download any contents and place them anywhere. For Joomla, it is a versatile and efficient catalogue system.

Allows you to build your own type of contents with customized boxes to organise your contents. Discover our two beloved open code ventures and take advantage of the large development communities by creating quick and efficient web APIs, a graphical environment and an integrated marketplace.

Using the Builders everywhere

Be the most powerfull WordPress & Joomla page building tool and page building tool for your website visual. Easily append, organize, copy, or erase paragraphs, grid, and contents using an easy-to-use simple drag and drop user interface. Create highly reactive meshes by inserting lines and column without having to write a line of coding. Page layout adapts seamlessly to all equipment heights.

Just place items in your raster layout - from text and pictures to slide shows and art gallery. With these modules you can easy append and administrate your contents. Page builder has an extended set of ready-to-use items. Just expand it with your own customized items. Enhance your styling experience by bringing in one of the ready-made designs with a click.

Each of our topics is designed by a creative design group, which makes them the most cutting-edge and high-quality layout you will find. All of our demonstration sites have well-designed page layout to help you get up and running. For this reason, our page layout is delivered with stylish, high-quality and freely usable pictures.

Customise your website and store your section and layout designs in the built-in libraries. Take advantage of a vast selection of handcrafted styles. Toggle between them and your contents will be adjusted accordingly. Styles Customizing allows you to modify the look and feel of your website. Upload the Page Builder to the top or bottom of your website to build intricate and challenging blog page layout.

This allows you to view a different bottom line on each page and administer your Page Builder layout credentials. Put whole widgets from WordPress or Joomla modules in your Page Builder layout, among them a new theme demonstration website, advanced page layout, different styles and many freely usable screens.

You will be alerted by WordPress or Joomla when an upgrade is available. One click - and your website will be refreshed. There is no need to tap or load a separate one. Apply new themes preferences or user-defined builders, overwrite template executables, or expand them with any user-defined PHP source you like.

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