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Your website ready for autumn? There are 17 things you should consider when purchasing WordPress Theme - The Ark. Our firm is a WordPress based softwares firm that has more than $1 million in WordPress content sales and more than $0.5 million in Web sites built for our customers. 90 percent of WordPress topics do not fulfill the important below requirement.

So, if you want to conserve your precious money and your precious money, if you find the right topic, read on.

Which is your aim when choosing a WordPress theme? They need a high-quality WordPress theme that is further enhanced and updated and offers quick after sales services. Which are your WordPress topic needs? These are some fundamental issues you need to ask yourself before you buy the right topic.

Use caution - if you can't tell the difference between general and specialized sites, I would suggest you save your own precious amount of effort and just hire a pro programmer. The WordPress theme you are about to purchase must be fully compliant with the latest WooCommerce plug-in release and make it clear in the brief.

It is still the case that the topic must specify EDD functionality specifically in its inscription. WPML is the most commonly used plug-in and the WordPress theme must explicitely indicate its interoperability, otherwise it will not work together. Do I need any of the following plugs? First of all, I strongly suggest to find out which plugs you need.

Before you buy the design, ask the WordPress design designer if these plug-ins are actually included. Or, just buy a topic from someone who can guarantee a full reimbursement and test it before doing any other work. That will prevent you from being excluded if you build 70% of the site, and in the end you will find that your WP theme does not provide some crucial plug-ins necessary to exit the site.

8 years on the ubiquitous WordPress markets have shown the overwhelming strengths and weaknesses of WordPress topics. One never knows in advance whether one likes the topic's work flow and whether it will support all required plug-ins. The most topics are not works of artwork inside (to be frank, most of them are a shit piece).

Often the WP theme is unsuitable for some purpose, and you end up purchasing another one and lose it. What does the writer do with the reimbursement procedure? At the moment, ThemeForest is the only objectively based theme store with users' evaluations, as it does not allow writers to edit/falsify the evaluations. In order to achieve constantly best evaluations with the WordPress topic, it is not only necessary to have a first-class quality but also an outstanding customer service.

Once you have chosen a WordPress theme, it is a good thing to look at its ratings. Concentrate mainly on how the writer reacts to poor ratings and what the good ratings emphasize. It is definitely a wake-up call if the writer does not provide a credible statement in response to a poor review.

I' d advise you to buy only WordPress topics with an avarage score of 4.8 or more. I say minimal because no subject is flawless. When you receive one above 4.8, you will most likely be able to solve all issues with your technical assistance group. Does the overall score come to 4. 8+ (on ThemeForest)?

Does the writer answer the poor ratings? Wordprocessor topics are just like any other piece of work. Purchasing a WorldPress theme that is less than 3 month old is a complete committal if you want your work to be completed within that period. The optimum size of the WorldPress theme is 6-month or more. If not, you will be a "tester" of the subject and, even more importantly, you will pay for this "privilege".

So if you care, make sure you find out how old the subject is. The topic is older than 3 month? The topic is older than 6 month? WordPress theme does not have a structure and is well described like web application. WorldPress itself is quite complex and poorly spelled because they have tried to create a CMS on a basic blogsystem.

So, when you are developing WordPress topics, you need in-depth knowledge to resolve many fundamental WordPress challenges. And the longer the writer is on the board, the more trouble he had to deal with and the better the know-how he acquired. With 3 years of advancing WordPress software I could say about myself that I understood the basics.

After 7 years in the business, I can say that I know the WordPress process very well. So it' self murder to buy something from writers under the age of three. This will mean that the topic is poorly spelled, many things are poorly resolved, the topic will be full of restrictions, and generally the users will have a bad time.

This will lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction with the topic selected. Did the WP topic writer have been on the WP topic for at least 3 years? Isn' the subject not his first but one of his newer ones? When you shop at ThemeForest, you will see the number of licences that have been purchased for each theme in the side bar.

In general, you want to buy a theme that is sufficiently noticed. Because it sells the theme well enough, it provides the writer with adequate funding to keep the theme up to date and maintain the site for years to come. A thousand annual revenues mean about 20,000 - 50,000 dollars revenue for the WordPress theme.

Does the theme sell more than 1,000 licences per year? Will the WordPress theme be further enhanced and upgraded? From time to time a new release of WordPress, WooCommerce and other plugs is made. Authors must react to this and provide compatible fixes. The WP theme crashes under your hand when you next upgrade the plug-ins or the WordPress kernel if it does not.

You have no option but to hire an inexpensive web designer to repair your site or even create a new one. Concerning the regularity of updating, the least that should be required is at least one fix in 2 to 3 month. That is a sign that the writers maintained the theme.

When it' s a small blogs topic without feature and plug-in interdependencies and new contents are added on a regular basis, there's not much to update - maybe just making sure it works with new WordPress releases. When you can, look for a prospective "roadmap" in which the writer states what the next fixes will contain.

It is a powerful indication that this WordPress theme will be retained in the near term and that it has a powerful sense/dynamic. Will the topic be refreshed at least once every 2-3 month? Does the topic get more frequent updates? Do developers make good replies available to the public? If you have the latest WordPress theme Facebook pages or the latest U.S. commentary (on ThemeForest), it can be very revealing (also a good thing, it will create a peer community).

That means that if you need help, you won't get it and the topic is probably no longer endorsed by the writer. Does the topic creator answer in person within 24h? Is there any comment on the topic? Do developers offer good post-sales technical assistance? Normally you have to send about 3 emails with technical assistance before you get to the resolution, which means that your issue is unlikely to be resolved in less than 3 workdays.

I would also suggest, according to how far you are with the subject, that you return it and switch to another with better assistance. It'?s great if the writer replies within 24h. It is also important that the author's responses are put directly to the point.

It is a common situation when you outsource your maintenance (mostly to India), where the maintenance staff is not in the offices with the development people. However, if the programmers are sharing the same India bureau with the customer service staff, that's no big deal. Outsourcing leads to loss of quality because the other side of the globe's tech staff doesn't know much about the developer's subtle issues and has to ask the engineer what is very timeconsuming when he's not in the same bureau.

When you have already bought the topic and the help seems very inefficient or too sluggish, don't be scared to give a poor review. Does the topic creator answer privately within 24h? Shall the customer service department have its own offices with the engineering group? Please verify the prerequisites for your WordPress theme beforehand.

When the design itself requires more than 128mb of memory, it is not well spelled. When you need more, you better modify the WordPress theme because it will be a hit. Which PHP versions does the theme need? What PHP storage does the theme need? The developer only uses them to complete a WordPress theme more quickly.

As a result, the writer is able to create more topics at the same amount of work. Therefore, the writer is focused on quantities because he does not know how to make good products. Purchasing an inferior item is only the first issue. And the second is the author's dependence on the third vendor framework/system/plugin/tool developers.

Particularly when the third party is free, the third party programmer does not naturally have a lot of incentive to work on it. Often it happens that the third party developers give up their work at some point. Thus, the theme designer has no choice but to simply walk by the example and give up the theme, as the third party source is no longer under development or update.

Alternatively, there is a serious bug and it will take a long while for the third parties to fix the frameworks (especially if it's free). Or, if a new WordPress fix cracks the above mentioned third-party code, it will take a long wait until it is repaired as well. Trouble is that the writer of the topic is now totally dependant on third-party vendors' creators, which means that the fate of your website is in the capable hands of someone who didn't get any cash from you, so there's no incentive to do anything about it.

If the theme writer wants to fix a possible issue in an underlaying 3rd Party basis, he can't do that because he just doesn't know how. To say nothing of the fact that it would divide the source code basis of the third party projects, which are their own developers' nightmares. Of course, plug-ins that are not based on this principle, but only improve the user interface, such as sliders, are an exception to this principle. They are not regarded as a basis and you can always substitute a non-functional sliders plug-in with another one, since the real topic is not based on it, as is the case with many other third-party systems/frameworks/plugins/tools.

Several WordPress developer may be arguing with me that "additional features should always be in the plugin". Last thing you want is to add 7 plugs to each new website just to get the essential features. To say nothing of the theme creators who are rotten and just use 3. plugs for all these things, which will result in a potential catastrophe in terms of interoperability.

Keep even all these plugs up to date and pray that they won't drop your website every time they're updated. You can only do this if the theme designer is also directly the designer of these plug-ins, then you can be sure that everything works on the way there - just like with the above request number 10.

It is a big issue where many WordPress topics go all out. Then you need a theme in which you can adjust these sizes to your taste. You' d be amazed how many topics do not provide this - in my opinion over 50% of the topics do not!

If you are not sure, always ask the writer. Also, the smart positioning of H1-H6 tag and HTTPS (SSL) protection. This topic should also be compliant with the main WP Super Cache and other plug-ins as well as some existing WP Super Cache plug-ins and some existing WP Super Cache plug-ins, especially those from JOAST Super Cache. The topic must therefore be quick to react, otherwise you will deter your mobiles and loose a fairly large percentage of the population.

In the ideal case, the design should allow these fundamental stereotypes to be adjusted differently for each stopping point. Today, years after the responsiveness revolutions, these functions are still integrated in perhaps only 5% of the WordPress topics on today's markets. There is a period of development of a high-quality WordPress theme in tens of thousand working hour, so it is a great buy for you.

Today, many WordPress topics are obsolete, with how much you can add to your WordPress demonstration pages. It is at this point that the WordPress theme comes. In addition, if all prior criterias are fulfilled, you can be sure that the WordPress theme you want to buy has a beautiful look.

I' ve disclosed what is important when you buy MindPress Theme. Worpress must sell well so that the writer has the ressources to possibly update it. When you have a issue, you need a technical assistance staff that always answers within 24hrs. This topic has to be evaluated very well, it is a precondition for a good work flow.

Authors must be on the marked for several years in order to have sufficient expertise. Fill it with the topics you like and make it easy for you to make up your mind.

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