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Best 10 new Wix functions you need to know! Today, what brings you into the bigagues are the web designer accessoires that brings the optical wave element. At Wix, as you know, we at Wix are following all web styling conventions to give you the best tool available to build your own breathtaking website. All our designers work around the clock to give you the most progressive and user-friendly functions to make your website look beautiful to death.

Be forgetting to hire a web designers, here are 10 of the coolest new Wix functions that you want to include in your website statistics! It' s certain to say that one of the best ways to make your website stand out is to have very specific stencils. You can do just that with the new Scroll effect for parallaxes and great motion graphics!

Not only that, if you really want to make an impression on your audience, use one of the 14 new motion graphics to set the tone. Cause everyone knows that great motion graphics are difficult to overlook! Both these new functions really reinforce the wow factors by making your website come alive.

Select Strip > Settings and select the effect you want > Store and preview it! We introduce the Wix Slideshow function, a fantastic way to present your pictures, video and all other important contents. Given so many choices from breathtaking slideshow galeries, the only difficulty with this function is choosing which one you want to use.

Whilst "content is king" in most cases when it comes to web graphics, cinema sets are certainly just as important as text when it comes to establishing your own trademark. We are so happy that you asked, it is a new, clean mixture of picture and movie, with light but deep motions that capture the eyes without detracting from your messages.

The good thing is that there's a whole new range of pictures you can use in Wix's free image section so you can get as imaginative as you want! This is the right place if you want to make your website a nice and seamless one. It' s not the end of the joke, because once you add a column, it's simple to adjust the theme to work best for you.

Easily annotate text and pictures or even jazz them up by simply putting in a movie while looking amazing on any machine as your column adjusts itself to every display. Get to know the new Wix Pro Gallery: the most advanced and highest qualitiy photo galleries on the web.

It' now the only on-line tools specifically developed for you, with enhanced imaging capabilities, so you have the perfect place to present your work on your website. New Wix Pro Gallery has best-in-class picture clarity and clarity so you can adjust the number, radii and thresholds of your pictures.

Without compromising the pace or power of your website, the Rich Picture Warehouse is ideal for viewing high-quality pictures, automatic video and colourful text fields in one easy place. Wix Pro offers the possibility of enabling people to share every single play with each other. That' not all - you can even prevent your pictures from being redistributed on-line.

And, of course, you can adjust your Galerie preferences with ease and even view them in full-screen mode while looking good on any device. Now, with the new option to customise your own personal touch menus, you can do just that. Fiddle around and adjust text, colour, distance and frame to look exactly what you want.

Fortunately, you can adjust and abbreviate your own custom web address with just one click. Just build a new experience and insert it to your website. Make it simple for them to use RSVP so they can gather all the information they need, dispatch breathtaking invites, and administer their guests in one place.

Ideal for wedding receptions, partying, promotions and more. Want to build your breathtaking new website?

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