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VK, Odnoklassniki and BOOM have become the most profitable apps in Russia. Find out about daily app rankings, rankings, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like Notification for Youla on the Google Play Store. Offline mobile forms and surveys for Salesforce and Google Apps. appears as the proprietor of the Youla App.

Russia's leading online majors Group (MRG) today reported that it has purchased property in the general portable app Youla. Mr. Pavel has developed his abilities and expertise with several publishers and market research companies for hypermarkets. A seasoned market researcher, scientist and writer, he appreciates precision, professionality and sincerity in his work.

He focuses on the areas of technologies, business and consumers today. Pavel largely shares his life style between London and Moscow and works on a truly global stage.

Youla reached 2 million rubles a day in a single calendar year.

Youla reached 2 million rubles a day in a single calendar year. "The Youla company was founded as an in-house start-up with the aim of offering all our customers a basic, mobile-first location basis m2C marketing platform to buy and buy goods. Ever since its market introduction, the company has been focusing on the products and integrating people.

It is now opportune for the first steps towards monetisation and the first results are very heartening. It is a pleasure for us that the first steps towards monetisation are showing an unprecedented speed.

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Youla-Ku?era parameterization (also known as Youla parameterization) is a simple equation that defines all possible stabilising feed-back regulators for a given system Q as a function o a unique Q value. For better comprehension and as proposed by Ku?era, it is best described for three progressively more general system types.

{Q (s)1-P(s)Q(s),Q(s)??}{\displaystyle \left\{\frac {Q(s)}{1-P(s)Q(s)}},Q(s)\in \Omega \right\}}, where Q(s){\displaystyle Q(s)} is any correct and steady action of s. One can say that Q(s){\displaystyle Q(s)} parameterizes all stabilization regulators for the system P(s){\displaystyle P(s)}. P (s)=N(s)M(s){\displaystyle P(s)={\frac {N(s)}{M(s)}}}, where M(s), N(s), N(s), N(s) are stabile and correct operations of s. N(s)X(s)+M(s)Y(s)=1{\displaystyle \mathbf {N(s)X(s)}}. in which the found variable (X(s), Y(s)) must also be correct and steady.

Q(s)\in \Omega \right\\right\\\,[XY-N~D~][D-Y~NX~]=[I00I]{\displaystyle \left[begin{matrix}\mathbf {X} &\mathbf {Y} <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents \mathbf {N} &{\mathbf {\tilde {X}}}} if they are correct and steady, we can specify the sentence of all stabilising controller K(s) using the right or wrong side factors with positive or negative response. where ?{\displaystyle \Delta is a random correct and steady value.

Allow P (s){\displaystyle P(s)} to be the system's heat exchange feature and let K0 (s){\displaystyle K_{0}(s)} be a stabilising control. Technically, the YK equation is important because if you want to find a stabilizer that satisfies an extra criteria, you can set Q to meet the required one.

Reliability of discreet feed back signals.

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