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SEO of your website. Fifty inexpensive (or free) tools for building your own website When you create and manage a website, there are many things to consider: Can you find pictures? This article provides 50 cost-effective utilities that will guide you in practically every aspect of website creation. They are not in any particular order and some will be better than others according to your particular needs.

CompoZer - Free & Open SOURCE web authentication tools. Free drag-and-drop website builders. Additional functions, from $4.08/month. Square Space - Another drag-and-drop website building application with many adaptable designs. Plan starts at $8 a month. WEBLY - A free drag-and-drop build with free of charge eCommerce functionality. Premier Plan starts at $4 per month.

Free, progressive Adobe color wheels that help you find the right colors and match them well. Pallet tone - Another free palette with a very easy user friendly surface. Cooler - Press the space bar to create casual colors, block those you like, and press the space bar to create those that complement your selection - all for free.

Color code - Instead of moving dots over a scroll bar, just move the cursor over the monitor to create colors. Free of charge, too. Colouurlovers - A free, community-generated compilation of great color themes. Squirrel Font - Large selection of free, hand-picked, high-quality typefaces. Googles - Discover and optimize your own unique typefaces and embed them into your website - all for free!

PixelBay - Large selection of free pictures, graphics and artwork. The NounProject - Community-generated free imagery with credits to the artists or $1 without credits. Fotopin - Browse Flickr pictures that are shared for reuse (with assignment to author). Search Symbols - A large selection of free symbols and illustration.

Pixel - A free browser-based alternate to Photoshop. The GIMP - Another free Photoshop alternate, available for download for Mac, Windows and Linux. Use Canva - A browser-based drag-and-drop picture editing application designed for non-designers. Choose the desired lay-out and substitute it with any pictures or text. Easily share your own pictures, use the free pictures or buy $1 complimentary pictures.

Complimentary (with advertising) or payable from $4.95/month. Free, simple to use, infinite selection of plug-ins, yes no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. Easily collaborate with your audiences by sharing pictures, sound, video, text, or anything else you can think of. It' free! It has a great side-by-side look of your letter and a glimpse of the end work.

Complimentary if you host independently or create $10 /month or higher plan with pay. Mailhaven - To make things even easier, you can send an e-mail to your Posthaven blogs. Complimentary or $5/month for extra functionality such as several pages, password-protected pages and multi-author. Reformiert - A free bar bone forms editing tool that fills in all desired items and generates HTML.

pForm - A fast and free HTML creation utility that allows you to easily and quickly generate HTML templates for your website. pForm - A fast and easy way to generate HTML templates. Premier capabilities such as automatic results delivery to your e-mail, automatic reply e-mails, upload files and PayPal payment are available for $49/page.

The Wufoo - Just click on the items you want to add to your Wufoo and customise them to your heart's desire. Complimentary for 1 person with 3 blanks, 3 report and 10 field. $14.95/month minimum plan pay. Complimentary with 100 entries per month. $9.95 or more plan fees per month for additional deposits, payment, storage and sub-members.

Zoomo - A drag-and-drop editing tool that makes form design a snap. Free or chargeable from $5 per month for more recordings, space, customized labeling, and other functions. Misqus - Adds a nice comment area to each section of your website. Lets your site showcase other great contents from your site that stimulate discussion.

It' simple to just put it on your website and the best part is that it's totally free. LIVEFYRES - Another great and free commentary site that can be easily added to your website. Have a number of other great functions, such as Sidenotes, that allow your public to have discussion on certain points within an item.

IntenseDebate is a free comments engine provided by the WordPress, PollDaddy & Akismet team. It also has great functions like the possibility to twitter a comments & a plugin API so you can adapt to your heart's desire. EmailChimp - A feature-rich utility that lets you drag-and-drop nice email (or generate your own codes), organise your subscription into different listings, test A/B alternative newsletters, analyse the results of your campaign and too many other functions to include here.

Complimentary for 0-2,000 12,000 email/month attendees, $10 or more per monthly subscription. A great drag-and-drop e-mail builder with powerful analysis and integration with online community tools. $9 a months and up. Weaver - A fully functional trading system with drag-and-drop editing, subscription segmentation according to their action, analysis and even RSS to e-mail to keep employees up to dateutomatically.

Plan starts at $19 a month. DocuWare - Find out everything there is to know about the sucess of your website, such as where your website has been most of the year, where it has gone, where it came from and what else you can think of. It' free! DIWIK - An open sourcecode web analysis plattform that gives you a good idea of what works (and what doesn't).

Complimentary if you are hosting it yourself or making maps from $65/month for PIWIK Cloud. Cracy Egg - See how your website's users are interacting with your website using heat maps that your users have just clipped on. This will give you an overview of what your website's users are most concerned with and where they are.

Plan starts at $9 a month. With Open Web analytics - A free and open web analytical technology solution. Contains many items found in alternate sites, such as heat maps, geo-location, keywords that refer users, and site browsing. A free and easy utility that sends you a notice when you're listed on the web.

Complimentary for top results; full results payed schedules, multi-user, alerts, contents analytics and more from $99/month. Search Twitter and see what top influencing factors, hyperlinks, pictures and updates are spreading about you - all for free! They should be able to get everything they need out of the free schedule, but if not, Pro is only $9.99/month.

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