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Godaddy Youtube Website Creation

We're exploring the value of GoDaddy as a website builder with this review. Describes how to add a Website Builder movie to my website. Top " Sites " Website Builder " How do I include a Website Builder movie on my site? Where can I put a movie to my page in Website Builder? It will show you how to create a link to your page in Website Builder to advertise your company or your products.

You can use this function on more than one Website Builder product, so please use the following items to find the appropriate instruction for the specific software you are using. When you are not sure which Website Builder release you are using, you can use this review to review this item. On the Website Builder screen, choose Widgets and click and drag the Widgets into the area of the page you want your site to view.

Type the address of your videos in the field provided. Use YouTube or Vimeo videos. It opens the Movie Preferences window, where you can modify some of the video's viewing preferences. To open the Preferences window, click the Movie widget.

Paste the reference to the videotape you want to view into the field and click the Save icon. Your videoclip will now be available on your website. Dragging the Video widget to where you want it to appear on the page you select.

Embed videos in GoDaddy - Clipstream

One of the most beloved web hosts, GoDaddy includes a Website Builder engine that allows non-technical clients to build and maintain their own web sites. Clipstream videos can be embedded into a GoDaddy site by following the directions on this page: Choose the website where you want to view the movie.

Click Manage Website. Press the Modify pushbutton to modify this website. You see the Website Builder window. From the Website Builder modul, browse to the page where you want the movie to appear. When you click HTML code, move it to where you want the movie to appear.

You will see a new dialogue with a box in which you can insert your own number. Go to your Clipstream page in a new pane and find the embedded encoding for the publicly viewable movie you want to place on your GoDaddy page. In the HTML Codes Settings box, copy and paste it.

When you are happy with the resulting security level, click the Save icon. Closes the Hintscreen. On the Website Builder page, you will now see the clipstream movie in the area you chose. Drag the borders or vertices to change the size of the movie. Click the Make Published icon to view the playback videos.

Please note: The movie will not be played in preview so it is best to post an non-linked page to test it first. After publication, the page will appear in a new browser screen. Browse to the special page you just worked on to see the results.

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