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zooho one TV commercial, "excitement meets zooho one." On Zoho One TV commercial, "Excitement Meets Zoho One" This business man seems to have it all; he's Time's "Entrepreneur of the Year", he plays with effortlessness a perfectly good punch in one, his turnover prognosis for the business is through the roof for ( literally!) and his surprising anniversary celebrations are a bang. Only when his business starts using Zoho One, an embedded application package, does he break a grin.

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Lately, we've been experimentationing with off-line Zoho displays. We began last year with an advertisement at San Jose International Court, which attracted the attention of many travellers. A few short months ago, we put our first poster wall in Redwood City on 101N. Finally " with another poster wall in the SFO (on 101N) near the Bay Bridge.

When you use Bart to get to San Francisco, you will see some of our screens (we have 7 of them) at the Embarcadero stop. With Zoho Apps maturing, we will expand our reach both on-line and off-line. Any of you guys see any of our advertisements?

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Expand your target group, conduct focused e-mail marketing initiatives and extend your coverage. Zoo Ho Campaigns will help you become the marketing company you always wanted to be. Integrates with Zoho CRM. When you store your subscription information in Zoho CRM, you can synchronize your Zoho campaign with your Zoho campaign, e-mail and view the results in your CRM accounts for simple tracking.

Automatize your e-mail campaign. Our automated messaging tool makes it easy to post follow-ups. You can use e-mail workflow and autoresponder to initiate e-mails according to a subscriber's activities. Access rights enabled e-mail merchandising. E-mail campaign only to those who have chosen to subscribe to your e-mail. Connect personally with personalised e-mail promotions. Zoomocampaigns works with a range of different items that you use to run your company.

"Zoom campaigns help us bring our potential customers nearer to sales" e-mail campaigns on the road.

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