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Use of pictures and videos on your homepage

A visitor only experiences happiness when the various elements of a website come together to "make sense"; and your home page images must be as simple, unique and easily readable as your home page copy. Keep in mind that your homepage (like any other page on your website) is as much an event as a means of getting your users to the next page and through their own page-travel.

So your homepage images should bring the user closer to the visions of your company and the mind of your brands. This should help them to find out on their behalf how your service feels or how your products create added value for their life. Pictures are there to supplement your text and contextualise your message.

In order to illustrate the value of your products or services. In the following we would like to talk about your heroic picture, the picture type to be tested on your homepage, where you can find your pictures and how you can optimise them. You should be receptive to your company's offer or to the topic or intent of the site.

You should be optically convincing and of high value. It is especially important for all images that you want to superimpose with a copy. Do not merge your images with other homepage items and make sure that the superimposed typeface is fully decryptable. Heldenbild is the large, captivating, first homepage picture on which your heading and subheading are likely to be placed at the top.

Don't embellish the value of a skilful hero's gun. For those of you who count, 05 seconds...and during this period many of your users will have already seen whether your site is worthwhile for them or not. In view of the radically short first image windows, we suggest that you first try a gunshot.

Heroic images should help potential customers better comprehend both the contexts and the value of your offer, and then envision how it will benefit their own lifes. Angie Schottmuller catalogs 7 convincing heroic images in the same paper we mentioned above: However, the 7th (prospect-as-hero) is only a kind of heroic picture that you could consider.

All companies are not the same and are not the perfect heroes for their web sites. Decide which types of images are best converted for your company by performing A/B testing, interviewing potential clients, and developing your own intuition for what your clients want. Keeping in mind your potential clients, the emotion you want your clients to experience and what your objectives are is the most important thing.

In order to start selecting your website images, let's look at some of the most frequent kinds of images of heroes: When you run an eCommerce website, this is probably the kind of picture you maintain intuitive - and for good reasons. Large, high-resolution images of your products give your customers the feeling of being able to hold the item in their hands... and above all of imagining that they own it.

One of Grovemade's current trendy creations has been selected to serve as a heroic picture. Of course, other high-resolution pictures of our articles are following the visitor at the bottom of the page: CONTINCTUAL PICTURES are useful for both production and service-oriented companies. This type of images can show the surroundings in which a particular item is used, or the surroundings in which the services take place.

Here is the context heroic film for thetaurant Amali: Amali: Instead of presenting only one and the same type of products or services, the contents of the website show how the products or services contribute to the definition of the client (whether through information or by stating his or her value, interests and attitudes) and the way he or she lives. Style contents enable interested parties to imagine how they use and benefit from your products or services - with an overall improvement in your overall wellbeing.

This type of image is very well suited for commercial pages that are strongly influenced by education and whose creators (and educators) are leading in their particular profession. Let's take the homepage of the famous Brian Dean at Backlinko: Because such web pages are so difficult in terms of contents (think: blogs), their homepage images have a tendency towards minimalism.

You will also note that Brian's picture is contrasted with a CTA to join his e-mail mailing schedule. Okay, we're gonna play a little with the term "hero" here - we mean it both ways. So you might consider a presentation of your perfect outlook in your character picture (like Hummingbird hammocks does above).... but you might also have this outlook in your character picture look literal inherently funny.

Is there a better way to arouse your customers' interest in your products or services than to show an idea of yourself that benefits from your offer? Another way to characterize this picture is Aspirational. Ellevest has already shown its heroic picture in this form in the past; and indeed it is a notable example of this strategy:

Naturally you can decide for an illustrated picture and not for a photo for your heroic picture. Use the basecamp heroic image: There are six different picture styles to experiment with - and you can imagine others while testing. It is also possible to use a combinations of these on your homepage.

While Amali' s heroic picture, for example, is contextspecific, the pictures below on the homepage are pictures of products: Combining high class images, Amali allows its guests not only to perceive the natural surroundings - the ambiance and the dining experiences - but also to create an almost sensual dining sensation.

Try out a variety of picture styles to make sure you provide your guests with a visually appealing snack bar that tells them what your company is all about. Don't stop at pictures! Video can show your products in operation, describe what your company does, or present your teams while interacting in their own environment.

More than fourfold as many potential customers choose to watch a movie about a particular item rather than read about it. In addition, 64% of website users are more likely to buy a good item in an on-line store after viewing a videotape, and 90% of on-line shoppers say videotape is invaluable in assisting them in their purchasing decision.

Within this brief period, the company evokes the paint points of its potential customers, provides a response, declares its services and suggests next actions for its potential customers: Also, you can try to perform a videoloop instead of a fixed picture. Booya Fitnes is an on-line gym company that uses this approach (most companies that choose this type of designs show this strap over the crease).

Ultimately, the company is promising "every kind of gym course you can imagine"; and they have done well to demonstrate their performance promise here with video: When you choose to post movies on your homepage, we suggest that you keep them brief (3 min or less). You want your homepage clips to encourage your site users to find out more about your company and your offerings, not so you can download your company's full story or drill down on the functionality of each one.

However, when the company cut the Google Maps homepage footprint (shortening page loading time), it recorded a 10% rise in site visitors in the first few weeks alone. What better company to get a tip from than Google? Decrease the filesize of your images to make them fit the user.

Change the size of the picture yourself in Preview, Photoshop and other apps, zip the picture with an on-line compression utility, or try a wide range of JPG (PNG) files to see what gives you the highest picture value for the quickest page loading you can. Here is what the feed-back for Zoho. com looks like:

In order to further improve the optimization, please include change text in all your images (your CMS should make this quite easy). Old text is suitable for partially sighted users because it is recognized byscreenreaders. The same goes for Google's Google Web Browsers - which means it's ideal for your search engine effort and allows your picture to occupy a place in Google search.

It is also an advantage if you have it if your images ever cannot be loaded. When you have the funds to engage a reputable web site image specialist, we suggest you do so. Shutterstock is offering images for sale if that's just not within your financial means, while websites like Unsplash and Pixabay are offering free images that you can use without award.

If your money is limited to using these pages, take the moment to select the images that really match your offerings, your brands, and your visions. You have as many pages as you want (and as many as your users want) to provide more information and more images.

Best thing it has to do is to provide some noteworthy images to get your audience more involved. When you have more than one item on sale or more than one action in progress, select one of them (your bestseller or your latest service) to appear above the pleat. Nobody will look at that one cover picture and exit your site because it's not exactly what they were looking for - especially if your navigational menus are flashy and they see other choices that might better suit their needs.

It' s timeto begin to create (or search) the most pertinent, inspirational and persuasive images you can find to present your company and all its offerings. Therefore we have compiled a check list for you in the next section.

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