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Zoho Corporation employee reviews on Zoho Corporation culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Zooho is an amazing place to work. An excellent product base company in Chennai to work with! How would you like to know about the company before using it? ZOHO Corporation's viability and longevity is examined in this independent Zoho CRM software review.

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Typical and important advantages are flexibility of timing, no clothing rules, no hierarchy of rolls. Encourages employees to make the most of them instead of setting appointments and compelling them to work. The one thing is that there is not much transport outside Tambaram (office location: Guduvanchery). Although a company with more than 3000 members pursues a start-up cultural with great mentoring possibilities.

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Unbelievable company, unbelievable culture. Unbelievable company you can work for. It is the most beautiful form of leadership I have ever experienced at work. There' table tennis available to increase your stresses, and delicious free lunch at Austin's favorite daily eateries to keep you full and happy! Your table tennis is a great way to keep you busy! The company attaches great importance to its people.

You will go beyond that to ensure that you are happily at work. After all, my total favourite with Zoho is that you have a vote. Anything you say is important to this company. You' re not going to be feeling like a number here, but like part of an amazing familiy that takes care of the work you do and the advances you can make.

How does it feel to work at Zoho Chennai? What is the location and what are the advantages?

Zooho is an astonishing place to work. Wednesdays are always busy, with festivals and activities taking place every other weekend. As there are a number of small groups, the work you do tends to have a much greater influence on the overall project than is typically the case in a production company.

There is a free guideline for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There is a great fitness studio, a playground, a crash course, a rented sports field and much more. There' s a free taxi for the whole party. They' ll take good care of you in Zoho. Almost every sensible need of an associate is always considered. It is a place for those with legitimate aspirations.

It''s a for-profit company that doesn't need VC financing to earn enough cash to deal with Willy Nilly. Don't be expecting high wages. And you can count on a stable and stress-free atmosphere.

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