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Knowledge of how complaints occur, what kind of complaints occur and how to deal with them. zoo review by yudith marlene a. yudith marlene a. validated reviewer.

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In India, what seems to be a definite Saas tendency is that a really good concept is quickly put together with average coding and then kept together with horrible, training service. Who teaches supporter members that the repetition of everything we say to ourselves is how to back up a program?

My intention was for Zoho to be more than it really is, while the functionality is great and the concept of so much $35+ per months worth of integrations is too good to be believed, the reality is that the absence of a genuine grasp of how to handle account management and technical assistance is a huge dark spot here.

It' like they just copy it from a tech incident and send it to me, and my tech incident is done. Quite good softwares with horrible client service = horrible softwares. iuggg. Zoo One pledged the Holy Grail of Inclusion. I was unhappy after a months managing my Zoho One store and decided to close:

Can' t substitute Zoho One for all the other applications. Because I was sick and tired of changing applications. While I could survive with the non-attractive user interface, clumsy interface and bewildering range of products, the latest fad came when a Zoho CRM user couldn't sync a Zoho CRM account with Zoho Books.

At A$35, the price of Zoho One is unbelievable, but if you've got so many applications that need work for set up and integration, you've got several issues. ZOHO I hate with my heart. {\pos (192,210)}So I phoned two and a half before the next payday. Now, two and a half nights later at 4:00 in the afternoon, ZOHO took the cash from my bankroll.

And then he said it would take up to ten (10) day for a full reimbursement. Spectrum Digital Love Zoho CRM! SPIR DIGITAL uses most of the Zoho apse and the CRM application is vital to our and our customers' businesses. CRM Zoho is a best-in-class CRM solution and I would highly suggest it for businesses of any age.

Has been using Zoho CRM and Zoho campaigns for over 2 years. - Next, all our Zoho CRM and campaign email ceased to be intercepted, so he had to stop using campaigns fully. - CRM Zoho is also very weak. The Zoho technical staff showed it to me eventually, and there were 3 knobs deeply tucked away in another section of the site.

  • While I' m on the subject of assistance. Chatsupport is fine, because it reacts at least to simple problems. - They only gave me 200 signs to tell me why. Because we have several product lines in our product range for companies that meet different needs, we agreed that they should integrate seamlessly.

It would be great if we had the chance to take lessons from your experiences, or if you would like to take a second look, please send me an e-mail to pratap.pandyan@zohocorp.com. Using Zoho CRM and bookkeeping, we just like it! Zoho has, however, enabled us to really exert greater influence over the shop.

CRM Review. Beautiful apps. Excellent support facility setup. So Ive used Zoho Post for work e-mails in the last 2 month. It' s laughable that they even have an electronic message processing system, considering how small the number of e-mails sent is. Support is not help. Just like any enterprise that uses an enterprise copy of Zoho or actually uses another CRM, our whole store is running on our CRM and much of it uses custom functions.

By 9:11 a.m. I was connecting with the chat room help, they reassured me that they could fix it, so I bought 1,000 more custom function phone call for $75. Following 40 undiluted frustrations, the technician recommended that it be repaired in 4 hrs, as there were "no developers available" from its end, as it was a "Zoho Backend Issue".

Eventually a discourteous technician had me review everything before announcing that it was fix, it wasn't. Can' t even shut down our Australian domestic store for a state day for afraid of the cries! When you consider using Zoho, then I warn you, if it's good, it's GREAT!

Is still bad, unsubscribed again no answer to problems with the Zoho services, From a user experience point of view the site is very bad. Too many cases where I came across bewildering interface, a flagrant shortage of input responses, the full deletion of information I just entered, magical keys, and mysterious errors.

You' ll find these delicious little landmines every single turn you have the fun of using Zoho. If your e-mail has not been removed, you must open your e-mail again and modify your delegate preferences. When you create a Zoho group, it generates a calendars folder and then subscribe everyone in the group to that folder.

The Zoho Project, a system designed to be able to administer a project, cannot be considered reliable for maintaining the order of tasks. What is the discrepancy between Zoho Records and Zoho Expenses? Well, what is the discrepancy between Zoho Records and Zoho Expenses? of course. Can' you get the issues in Zoho Book? The order in Zoho Docs, a fileshare system, does not exist.

Zoom Creator, date/time file in which you specify the seconds.... enough said. zooho email --> calendaring preferences --> holiday "HoliDay" is written. Every and every times you start Zoho Meeting, you need to load the ZohoLauncher app and run it as if you were starting the app for the first times. I' ve come here to give Zoho an objective rating, but I can see from the rating here that they don't seem to mind and they can't go any lower in the rating than they already are.

For example, I was asked by a customer to set up a basic feature where the emails in Zoho CRM would use the "reply to" box in the email when I answered from within Zoho CRM, the emails came from a contactsheet. After I had googled all the time and only found help with their Zoho email products, I got in touch with them.

3 nights later I got an answer, it was from the on-boarding section, they said we had to make a call and asked me to make a suggestion several time. It' three and a half and I get an answer they have to tell me in a phone call.

Don't *not* go near this item, it's a classical con, they tempt you with a basic inexpensive facility, then if you've shifted your details and want to do something even closer to customizing, you find that you need to buy another cartridge, and another, and another and another, after all, you'll never be able to go.

When it comes to client services, it's strange that bath!!! There' s no right for this firm to be in the business. I tried to move my commercial e-mails to Zoho 4 nights ago, but I still can't get any e-mails from customers. Horrible support services, I have always tried to get in touch with them in different ways and have NOT gotten an answer.

If you need to depend on a commercial e-mail hotspot, I strongly suggest that you DO NOT use Zoho. My experiences when trying out Zoho One were so poor. Your app pack seems pretty neat and all. There are too many tech problems and a diseased customer service group. I can' get all the applications I wanted now, but at least I'm not going mad.

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