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Zoo Corp.

The Zoho Corporation is an Indian software development company. All about Zoho - Our history, list of items Zooho strives to spend your monies well. There is a wide-ranging programme to recruit and educate high students - a programme we call Zoho University. They are now even available under a unified package, Zoho One, which a company can bring fully into the clamp. Much of our product has been designed to satisfy our own needs - Zoho itself is fully Zoho powered.

Zooho wasn't made in a single sunday. In the same months, we launched Zoho Flow, a drag-and-drop integrated solution that allows the user to build workflow between multiple application clouds. Zoho Desktop, the industry's first contextual helpdesk tool, was launched in November. The Zoho Desktop assists agent to get a better idea of a customer's issues and organises ticketing effectively so agent can respond more quickly.

This year we started with the completion of our financial suites with Zoho Checkout. The Zoho Checkout makes the collection of one-time and recurrent on-line transactions via personalised pages highly effective and easy. In February, Zoho PhoneBridge was launched, a solution that allows customers to simply embed their own PBX in Zoho phone solutions for one-click dialling, automated call tracking and analysis, all from the trusted Zoho interface.

We also introduced Zia, Zoho CRM's smart CRM customer service wizard, this past months. Zoho Workstation, released in February, is an end-to-end package of all the applications you need to build, work together and interact with your team. Zoho offers all the applications for your desktop, from e-mail to on-line desk copywriters to website creators.

Released in March, Zoho Finance Plus is a single point of contact for all your back-office needs, from billing to order processing to bookkeeping. In July of this year, Zoho Signage was released, an application for signing digitally that allows companies to subscribe and submit legal agreements from anywhere. Zoho Log makes getting your signing simple - from customer orders to contract to invoice.

We launched Zoho One in July, a groundbreaking all-in-one application that runs your whole company. Featuring an unparalleled number of over 40 built-in applications in one and the same bankroll, all at an unbeatable cost, Zoho One will transform the way you think about purchasing your favorite game. In September we started with the publication of Zoho Cliq.

Zoho Sprints, our flexible range of projects, was introduced in October. This April we introduced Notebook, our portable memo application, to the market. In the same months we introduced the Zoho AppCreator, which increases portability by creating custom application suites. Later in the year Zoho SalesInbox was published as an e-mail program solely for sellers. In July, we started the Zoho Marketplace to offer a variety of meticulously selected enhancements for Zoho application to improve the effectiveness of the products and their ability to connect to outside us.

The next stage, with a complete set of custom designed solutions for all your needs, was to enable Zoho to create and market enhancements to Zoho product lines for you. Join Zoho Developer in August 2016. 6 implementations in the areas of distribution, merchandising, communications and finances. In this spirit, we created Zoho in February to help grow companies establish their own online communities with real-time online reporting and operational intelligence.

For this purpose, we introduced Zoho Expense in the early part of this year as a new and powerful complement to our Finance Suites. Last year, we introduced ShowTime, a web-conferencing solution that makes your practice come to live by bringing your loudspeakers to the audience. A few month later, we started offering Zoho Wells, an on-line form creation, sharing and sending utility - on the Internet and on your phone.

As the number of companies doing business on-line increases, we've added Zoho inventory to the Finance Suites to make multi-channel sale, stock control and order processing easy for expanding companies. Closing the year with Zoho Motivator, an app that enhances your teams commitment through thrilling competitions. Zoho became one of the biggest subscriber companies with over 13 million subscribers.

While developing Zoho Subscriptions, we used this expertise to create a repetitive business accounting application. Later this year, Zoho SalesIQ was launched as a real-time distribution information service to help you keep up with your website traffic, get in touch and do business more quickly. In November, Zoho CRM Plus was launched, our first fully featured CRM solution for all customer-focused team.

Zoo Connect. Zoho survey, the poll build application, was later introduced to meet the needs of the expanding polling population. Zooho Vault. At the end of 2013, we developed Zoho ContactManager with this fact in view. In January we started Zoho campaigns. As more and more companies reach their clients on-line, we have introduced Zoho Sites: a utility to facilitate the development of web sites, even portable ones.

Zoholics, our first full-day US users' meeting, was launched in March to help Zoho clients discover our apps and how to get the most out of our suites. Entering the business of billing in the clamp, we published Zoho Books, an on-line bookkeeping application developed for small business to help managers keep track of their financial affairs and keep track of their financial flows.

Because of the high request, the problem tracing function of Zoho Projects was started as a stand-alone app: Zoo Bow Tracker. Companies that have done business with Zoho CRM needed an application to bind their clients. Zooho Desk was conceived in November 2010 (originally called Zoho Support). In May 2009 we changed our name from AdventNet to Zoho Corporation.

The Zoho Corporation became the parent corporation of three different departments covering three different market segments. The Zoho Assist was introduced in September. The Zoho Reports software, an app with strong report and analysis features, was released a month later to help companies better understand their information. Zoho Recruit teamed up with Zoho Zug in November as a unified hub to track CVs, jobseekers, customers and customer relationships.

Zoo Invoice is designed to make it easier for professionals and small businesses to invoice and bill on-line. The Zoho People, a unique HR process organization, automation and simplification solution, was introduced at the beginning of the year. The Zoho Mail is known for its clear and advertising-free surroundings. Later this year, we introduced Zoho Meetings, an on-line gathering and collaborative resource.

Developed to help companies become less paper-bound and create a desktop environment for efficient cooperation, Zoho Docs is the ideal solution for the business world. The Zoho Sheet was introduced in February with the aim of adding value to the corporate sector. Our most efficient Zoho Creator software was started in March 2006. The Zoho Show, an on-line show making resource, was published in June.

At the end of the year we started Zoho Projects, which has developed into a complete system of managing projects. Zoho joined the train of clamp down application with the launch of his first clamp oud buisness apple - Writer - in October. In November, Zoho CRM, one of our best-selling iPhone application was released.

CRM Zoho CRM empowers sales reps to attract more potential customers, retain them in the real-time and do business more quickly.

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