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Register / Register with Zoho Mail With its comprehensive functionality and customisation capabilities, Zoho Mail offers the best e-mail experiences for home and business use. The Zoho provides a unique sign-on, so once you login to a Zoho app, you can directly connect to other apps in the same webbrowser via different tabbed pages. Corporate as well as private Zoho members can register with Zoho Mail via this hyperlink.

If you have lost your passphrase or an authentification failure occurs, please see this help page. Organization admins use the Control Panel to add custom accounts with the Add Custom setting. For the first instance, the admin selects a username passphrase when he creates the username profile. Those logging in for the first instance must use the logon e-mail addresses and passwords provided by the admins and must sign in using this shortcut.

Once logged in, the user can modify their passwords in the Account section. Face-to-face people would have selected the e-mail addresses and passwords while they created the user interface for themselves. Private subscribers can also use the telephone numbers they provided when signing in to their bank. You can register with Zoho Mail using the registration information you have provided.

Organizational administrator or super administrator can use this shortcut to login and gain control of the Control Panel. Zoho login information can be entered and the Control Panel can be accessed. As an alternative, if you are already signed in to your Zoho Mail email accounts, you can click the Control Panel button at the top of your inbox.

The Zoho Mail provides corporate account e-mail services to obtain customized domain-based e-mail locations for all corporate e-mailers. In order to register for a user-defined domain-based e-mail like or , select one of the logs on the Zoho Mail Pricing page and click on Register below the logs.

When you log on and need a domain-based user-defined account, you need the necessary privileges to gain control of the domain's DNS manager. This help page explains the complete e-mail-hosted process for the domains. When you do not have a real estate or you only need the Zoho Mail accounts for your private communication, you can login to the private accounts to get a e-mail username @zoho.eu e-mail area.

A prompt will ask you to select a clear user name and your cell number will be needed for validation. Ensure that your cell telephone is available and enabled during the login process. Once you have entered the necessary data such as user name, pass word and cell number, a validation key will be sent to your cell telephone.

Type the validation key to check your Zoho balance. After checking, you will be forwarded to your Zoho Inbox. E-mails can only be sent from a validated email address. When registering for a Zoho Mail-Konto you are obliged to make the following data available to us.

That information is necessary to make your bank statement safe. The name is shown by default to everyone you are interacting with through your Zoho Mail accounts. Your e-mail is the e-mail that you use to log into your Zoho Mail accounts. It is also the e-mail e-mail addresses that are shown by default in your outbound e-mails.

You must have an e-mail of more than 6 and less than 30 chars. Your specified passphrase is needed every times you log in to your Zoho Mail accounts. Your username must be at least 8 digits long. To keep your accounts secure, select a strict passphrase.

The provision and connection of your cell phone number with your Zoho Mail accounts will help us to keep your accounts safe. To avoid errors, you will be prompted to type in your cell phone number and then re-type it. You can use this registrated cell phone number to activate two-factor authentication and create an additional level of protection for your bankroll.

If you have forgotten your passphrase, you can also use the cell number as a recover number. Zoho allows you to sign in with your Google / Yahoo / Facebook login page and set up an online Zoho service using Federated Sign In. If you want to set up and use a Zoho Mail private user name, you must select a Zoho user name to get an Zoho Mail user profile at username@zoho.eu.

There is no need for a seperate Zoho passphrase and you can use the Federated Sign-In as long as you only use your mail. But if you want to gain POP/ IMAP or Active Sync or use email forwarding, you need to create and use the Zoho unique passwords.

Please use this page to configure Federated Sign In and create your Zoho accountpassword via accounts.zoho.eu. Changing the default e-mail address: Your e-mail e-mail contact is the e-mail contact associated with your Zoho e-mail contact. At @zohoti. e U e s, the initial e-mail is only used to verify and restore the user's passwords.

Select your avatar and select My My Account. Select My Profile Info from the Zoho Accounts Dashboard. Any e-mail associated with your affiliate information will be displayed under E-mail addresses. If you want to modify an existent alternate e-mail to be the default, click Create a default one. If you want to insert a new e-mail adress, click on the Edit symbol and enter the new e-mail adress you want to associate with your Zohoccount.

We will send a message to the given e-mail adress. Following review, the new e-mail will be associated with this profile. In the My Accounts section of the Zoho Mail Suite, the user can modify their passwords. How to modify the present password: Type the new one and re-type the new password to verify it.

Select the End all running web browsers and end application session on your devices box and clear running authentication boxes if you have safety issues. If you have lost your bank pass, you can clear it by following the steps below. Click the Forgot your username and passwort links on the Log in page.

Fill in the data of the registered e-mail or cell phone and fill in the capturecha. Choose your option for the option of resetting the passcode, i.e. if you want to send a preset email or confirmation to your number. You will be forwarded after you click on the Reset button or input the confirmation number.

Type a new one and click Modify. Now you can log in by typing in your new username and username. Please note: If you are the owner of a corporate user account, you cannot directly modify your user pass. You must have your passphrase rolled back and it must be rolled back by your organisation administrator. You will not get the confirmation number if you typed the incorrect cell phone number during registration.

In order to finish your registration with the right cell phone number, please perform the following steps: Login to mailadmin.zoho.eu with the wrong cell phone number as username and password that you used during the login procedure. Click the Click Here hypertext on the confirmation page. Select the location number, type your phone number and click the Refresh my phone button.

Sometimes, when you type your e-mail to log into your accounts, you may receive an incorrect e-mail adress. If you have not validated your phone number, this may happen. Then you can log in with your cell phone number. You will be taken to the confirmation page where you can check your number.

Your registration will then be verified and your e-mail will be used for registration.

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