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Latest tweets from Zoho Creator (@zohocreator). Official dealing with @Zoho Creator. Browse reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Zoho Creator. Build custom applications for all your business needs with very little code. Zoom Creator for Kindle provides mobile access to your applications available on the Internet.

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The Zoho Creator portable application gives you the performance of natively designed application for iPhone. Accessibility, management and visualization of your Zoho Creator application information. - You can enter images and videos, barcode and QR scanning, geo-tagging and geo-localization capabilities to quickly locate your company from anywhere. - Gain control over and refresh your information even if you are not near your spreadsheet.

  • Reports such as Kanban, site maps and charts can be used to display business-critical information. - Dashboards provide insight into important financial figures and trending. - You can schedule and keep tabs on all your incidents, jobs, and activity through calendar and timeline reporting. And if you don't have a Zoho Creator affiliate yet, please go to creator.zoho.com and login.

Solved - Headings of pivot tables and pivot charges are not shown on the pages. Just drew up the forms and the report I needed. I' ve set up an application to keep tabs on transaction history for our high schools volume boosters. Using Microsoft Access, I needed something that I could move to the next parental to take over.

So I can simply type the transaction on the transaction sheet and the amounts will be updated across all attached report. There was no problem with the portable application.

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Using drag-and-drop formulas, page and work flow builds, you can design custom application to handle all your process from beginning to end. - With drag-and-drop building, you can easily generate custom templates, report templates, and more. - Use rule-based action configuration and plan daily tasks such as emailing and reporting. - Sharing your application with your staff on a knowledge-based foundation.

  • So, whatever you set up on the web is available across all your portable devices as natively available applications. - Take pictures, sign atures, log your voice and videos, and download them from your portable applications. - Sign gesture to carry out operations such as edit and delete data sets. You' gonna like Zoho Creator because.... - Don't be a programmer to create applications that work the way you want them to.
  • Do you want us to hoster your application and secure your information in Zoho's cluster? - Quickly convert table-based information into application files in just a few clicks. - We offer ready-made solutions that you can adapt to your needs. Make more out of your current apartments.... Automatize your workflow and process by incorporating Zoho Creator into one of over 750 Zapier virtual machines.

CRM Zoho: Zoho CRM: adding, updating and deleting datasets to and from Zoho CRM with a user-defined application of Zoho Creator. Zoomho reports: Manage your files to make more use of them. Transfer Zoho Creator form information to your Zoho Report accounts to give your input a meaningful look. Invoice Zoho: The billing is unique.

You can easily consolidate your customized application if you already have an invoice generation procedure. You can also simply begin with Zoho Invoice, with our ready-made integrated solution instead. Build and modify datasets in your customized application to enhance the performance of your CRM. zooho books: Combine your individual application with your book and administrate your bookkeeping processes seamlessly.

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