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Examples of Zoho Creator

Example application with user-defined actions | Help You can use the example Session Tracker utility to demonstrate how to attach data sets from a single screen to a single report request forms. a. Definition of the function: 1. Choose the Script ->Function page, and specify a new feature by clicking the New button. 2.

Choose the Script ->Function page and set a new feature by clicking the New icon.

Specify the name of the corresponding functions, the name space, the return code and the parameters to be used. This example defines a feature called "addattendance" that displays the "Add Attendance" dialog for the chosen dataset in the preview. Therefore, the returned value is specified as void and the recordsidis are given as argumen to the command.

Press Done to complete the addition. Press the Edit pushbutton and specify the filename, pop-up to open, altitude and width of the parameter as described below. openUrl will forward the template to the specified filename. openUrl("#Form:Add_Meeting_Attendance?meetingid=" + Enter. modifier (id + "", "popup window", "height=400,width=550?); where Meetingid - is the name of the array in the Add_Meeting_Attendance forminput.id - id is the feature reason that passes the value of the chosen dataset ID and updates it in the Meetingid.

5. click Save Script to save the changes. b. Configuration of the feature as a user-defined operation in the view: Here are the Steps to set up the feature "addattendance" as a user-defined operation in the Meeting Viewer. Choose Report -> Meeting and click Customizing Actions in the menu on the right. Enter the name of the promotion, the nature of the promotion and the feature to be configurated.

Configuring the above adds the User Actions Buttons to each data set in the Review View. If you click the icon, the system displays the Join a Meetings dialog box for the session you select. To copy the task, select Options -> Copy task from the list that appears in the upper right hand corner. Do this. It will be placed on your computer and will appear on your home page as a "copy of Meet Tracker".

Click the Edit pushbutton to display the app in edit state. To see the features added to the app, click the Script ->Function page. addsattendance passes the value of the chosen Record Number and updates it in the meetid box of the Outlook Advanced Meeting Director dialog. To see the added script (s) to this script, click the Script ->Forms page and choose Add Meeting Attendance form.

You do not see the meeting ID box when you download the forms. You see only the meeting name that matches the meeting ID you select. To do this, you can display the scripts added to the Add ->on load section of this dialog.

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