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To iterate through all lines of a form or through selected lines according to predefined criteria, use the task "for each". Each - Task | Help The manual is intended for those who registered before March 27 AND did not switch to Creator 5. In contrast to other tongues that support numeric value iterations, say iterating 10 iterations, the Flood support only data-driven erators that are exclusively built on forms only. Iterates through all lines of the template or through select lines according to the specified selection criterion.

where, line tag - This tag contains the information for a given line that corresponds to each repetition. Shape name - Name of the shape whose details must be repeated one after the other. In most cases you want to retrieve the information conditionally.

Here you can enter your selection criterion for retrieving the information in the forms. It' an option value. sorting by allows you to order the sorted datasets according to the specified . Area from to allows you to restrict the datasets that iterate within the starting index (x) and end index (y).

Failing to specify a scope, all data sets in the format matching the specified search criterion will be repeated in increasing order. In order to repeat the data sets in decreasing order, substitute the area from to by the desc. Instructions to be carried out for each iteration> - Action to be carried out during each repetition.

For each Flood Challenge, the Challenge Management utility demonstrates how to use the Challenge to stream data sets in a shape. Personnel Data - To save the name, e-mail ID and module of the personnel. To save the name of the item and its name. Apply Assignment - To apply one or more assignments to the employee.

The Employee dropdown box in this template is a Staff View to Name box in the Task Detail template and the Task Assigned box is a Tasks View to Name box in the Tasks template. Tasks in the Tasks Manager consists of sending e-mails to all employees who belong to a certain program unit, e.g. "Scripting".

In order to carry out this operation, we need to append the Flood JavaScript to WorksFlow -->On Add--> On Success in the Team Details dialog. This example scripts repeats itself through each employee data set in the Employee Details dialog that belongs to a scripts engine and sends an eMails to its email ID with the specified messages.

The above is repeated by each dataset in the Staff Details Sheet whose model name is "Scripting", where, risk the name of the variables containing the Staff Name corresponding to each repetition.

Meaning: "You will be asked to participate in the session on 22.01.2008, 15.00 hours in the Pavilion " The above sentmail feature is used to e-mail the employee's e-mail ID. Here it fetches the e-mail ID from the variables containing each data set repetition.

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