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zoo creator Google Maps

Zoho Creator and Google Maps now support the API. The Zoho Corporation Got an application to add new client information. This is a one-line field layout set. Adress, city, state, postal code. Required to be able to filter on the basis of these arrays.

Therefore I have to merge the addresses to a full adress and call a Google Maps web page directly to the customer's adress. Then we use the measurement tools in Google Maps and take characteristics from the area. We then use JING (Screen Capture) to take a picture of the position (with the measurements) and comment on the picture. Elements to consider, area and length measurement and other notation.

Type in the client information, connect the maps, measurements and other photographs of the client's possession. I' m looking for the best way to associate the full adress with a single keystroke to display the full adress on Google Maps.

The Google Connect

Include Zoho apps with all the utilities your organization needs. Google API is a rest-ful web services and uses the OAuth (v2.0) authentication log to make queries. The general purpose of Google Connect: These enhancements are released in accordance with the Marketplace reviews procedure. "The Zoho Marketplace is a great platform for Zoho partners who are looking for a way to enhance the exposure of their Zoho practices by offering premier add-ons that demonstrate their Zoho expertise".

"The Zoho Marketsplace is a great place to support your clients with feature-rich enhancements that help them expand their businesses. Zoho has given us the ability to build better produced products and resolve issues on a scaleable platform" "Zoho has given us the ability to deliver better produced products and resolve issues on a scaleable platform".

Would you like to become part of the Zoho Marketplace? You can already use the functions of this add-on as a special CRM element in your CRM Ultimate version. Only available for Enterprise and later. Your latest CRM version does not support this enhancement. No Zoho CRM accounts could be found that match your e-mail adress.

Currently you are using the free version of Zoho CRM. To use this add-on, please update to one of the other versions. Do not have authorization to change the unsubscribe for this enhancement. You' re about to install Google Connect for Zoho Creator. You' re about to launch a 15-day free evaluation of the Google Connect add-on for Zoho Creator.

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