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Portable applications d'affaires prĂȘtes | Applications mobiles d'entreprise Applications that have been optimised and fine-tuned for outstanding performances in the two favourite mobile plattforms isOS and Android. Access, update, and analyze your information more quickly with natural applications for iPhone and Android phones. With these practical instruments the use of the collected information is possible without any problems! Portability and comfort are the key advantages you get when using Creator applications for equipment.

Running your business or working together on the go is not a big deal if you have a high-performance application in small units. Going on a sale, to a distant place, visiting a client, anywhere, anywhere... accessing your application and working with your information. Quiet seating and working at a desktop becomes old-fashioned when equipment makes it possible to do the work on the move.

Mobile computing becomes your desktop and your applications your working tool.

Development of mobile applications - Zoho Creator

It is important to be mobile. Almost 75% of all large enterprises said that they saw an improvement in overall levels of business efficiency following the introduction of the ERP paradigm*. In a recent workforce survey, mobile handsets save sales reps an estimated 240 hrs per year* on average because they are integrated with their workstations. These statistics make it clear that the most important thing today is the deployment of mobile applications.

Put in simple terms, it is about developing modular softwares for use on mobile computing systems, either standalone or as part of a wider eco-system. So why get mobile? Portable terminals enable staff to perform mobile activities, which is why enterprises make mobile computing a favorite approach. Frequently, applications also act as a vehicle between a company and its clients, making them essential to build client relations.

Developing traditional mobile applications, however, is a rigid and laborious procedure that requires a lot of patience and expense for single applications. Entry into the field of low-code mobile applications. Low code: Staff can create applications according to their own unique needs, so IT staff can concentrate on developing the business cores. Convenient drag-and-drop interface and managed scripts significantly increase the speed of application creation.

Unauthorized deployment of unauthorized softwares can be limited because quick and easy solution creation is possible. The Zoho Creator is a low-code application that enables mobile professionals to quickly build and deliver mobile apps with minimum programming. Offering an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user experience and comprehensive customized capabilities with managed scripts, it makes application creation quick, easy and effective.

With Zoho Creator you can give your mobile application an advantage over the competitors! The complicated adjustment of the functions is done by Deluge, the built-in Scriptinglanguage. Application and corresponding update are migrated automaticaly as natively application to iPOS and Android. Complete mobile capabilities - anywhere, at any time. Scanning directly from the mobile application, scanning bars and QR numbers quickly fills information boxes.

If you change an application, the changes are immediately transferred to the mobile one.

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