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With the Record Templates setting, you can create user-defined templates based on the selected form for each record. Understanding data set templates | Zoho Creator Help The manual is intended for those who registered after March 26 OR who changed to Creator 5. You can use the Records Templates preference to generate user-defined templates for each data set, using the chosen forms. In this way, each data set can be displayed in a blank sheet as a model. Styles can be created with different adjustment choices, such as heading, paragraph, image, sections, and table, and with different boxes that make up the data set.

Features such as dimensioning, layouts, and colour choices increase the look and feel of templates. Easy-to-use and easy to use, these customisation features include easy drag-and-drop control. Recording templates can be sent as attachments with e-mail alerts. Templates can be created for a wide range of applications of which only a few samples are available:

Estimations - A presentation that shows an estimation of manufacturing costs for different types of product. You can include the name of the procedure in the paragraph. Booklets - Colourful booklets can be produced with different colour choices. Certificate - Certificates usually contain text in different fonts and different size, which can be achieved with different adjustment items in the section.

The date box, name box and other forms boxes can be draged and drop onto the templates area. You can also insert a wallpaper of the issuing organization. Advertising e-mails - Various advertising e-mails can be created with the help of "Record Templates" and sent as inline contents or as an e-mail attachement.

Business card- You can use the Name box, the Phone number box, and various other forms boxes to generate business card-templates and have them printed for delivery. The following graphic shows an example of an invoicing reference that has been generated with a separate invoicing record:

Creating a record template | Zoho Creator Help

The manual is intended for those who registered after March 26 OR who changed to Creator 5. Browse to the application settings and click Record Templates. Select New templat. It opens the Vorlageneditor and you can begin creating the templat. It is also possible to create templates from Report Builder > Print Templates > Create New template.

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