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Hosted and registered It' simple to activate mailing hosting for an existing domain. If a new domain is needed, we also offer a simple registry process. Allows you to create and manage more than one domain for your business from a common user name. Located in data centers in the Cloud, admins are free from the burden of maintaining mailservers for specific domain names and focusing on the management of corporate messaging.

Adds a user with more than one email alias. Rebuild your company's corporate identity by redesigning the user experience. Customise the website address, design and logotype to match the tastes and needs of your business.

Purchase new domain names through Zoho Mail.

A new domain can be registered through Zoho for easy e-mail hosting. By registering a new domain with Zoho, you configure it for use with Zoho Mail as well. All the administrator has to do is adding corporate user to use the Zoho Mail account. Domains registration: A new domain can be registered or purchased via the Zoho Mail Suite.

Then you can pick one of the maps and get a new domain. Specify the domain name you want to enroll. If you do not have a domain yet, please check the Buy a new domain for my company box. When you have specified the domain name, you can continue to the next stage if the domain is available for inscription.

Enter the information necessary for the domain registry. The next stage displays a synopsis of your contact information, domain information, and the plan you chose. Make sure that all the information is accurate and click Subscribe. As soon as a domain is enrolled through Zoho, we cannot make a refund or cancels the domain.

As soon as you have completed the enrollment procedure, you will need to fill in the Zoho Login Instructions on the next page that appears. Zoho accounts are created as organizational accounts. On the next page, you must enter your payment information for the domain and schedule you have selected.

You will see a roundup of your transactions, and once the transaction is completed, the domain will be recorded on your bankroll. Please note: ICANN's Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) mandates that we record your name, e-mail and mailing addresses, and phone number during domain registrations. You can choose to register privately if you do not want your information to be publicly visible during a Whoisookup.

Once you sign up a new domain with Zoho, you will get an e-mail to the domain activator's e-mail adress. By registering a new domain with Zoho, DNS preferences such as MX, CNAME for Zoho Mail are pre-configured. Therefore the validation procedure is not necessary for Zoho domain names.

Administrators begin to receive e-mail immediately to the e-mail specified when setting up the accounts. If you prefer, you can choose to register privately in the Domain Detail section to prevent your data from being viewed in a WhoIs search. Please note: Once a domain is enrolled through Zoho, we will no longer be able to make a refund or cancele the domain.

Zoho accounts are created as organizational accounts after you enter the Zoho registration information. Buy Domain is only available for US datacenter customers. A domain can be purchased via the system controls of your admin user interface even after registration.

Login to the Zoho Mail Control Panels. In the area on the far right, choose Domain. Then click the Buy Domain button. On the Buy Domain page, type the domain name you want and do the same as above to buy the domain. Romanian Domain DNS Managers: The Domain-Manager is the basic DNA control where you can modify the DNA entries for a domain that has been registrated with Zoho.

Sequences for accessing the DNA Manager: Choose the domain you have already subscribed to with Zoho. Provides the Domain Manager URL as well as the logon information to be used with the domain manager URL. The Domain Manager URL can be started in a webbrowser and you can sign in with the logon information and gain control over the Domain Manager IP address.

Activating a domain: An e-mail will be sent to your specified e-mail to activate the domain. The domain is not enabled until you validate the domain using the confirmation e-mail provided. If you did not get the e-mail or forgot the e-mail, you can send the e-mail from your domain manager again.

Log on to your DNS manager using the shortcut and logon information on the Domain Detail page. When you are not enabled, the domain state is " Whois Verification Pending". Under Domainails, click Resend e-mail to get the e-mail containing the confirmation e-mail containing the hyperlink. As soon as you have received the e-mail, click on the hyperlink in the e-mail to enable your domain.

Zoo Mail simplifies the domain registry for clients by working with specific domain names for them. Whilst your domain is being activated via Zoho Mail, your Whois file and each domain renew request will be processed by the responsible domain administrator. Below are the registries Zoho Mail is assigned to:

Registering a new domain, the domain name will be associated with the domain information of your domain such as your postal and phone number and e-mail addresses and saved in the World Health Organization (WHOIS) registry according to IETF standard. A number of on-line utilities exist that can supply the World Health Organization Information associated with the domain name upon query.

Your personally identifiable information, such as your e-mail adress, telephone number, etc., can also be collected from your domain name. In order to safeguard such sensitive information from spam ers or remote marketers, it is therefore better to take the privacy protection approach, as described below. Select the "Private Registration" checkbox to secure your privacy.

Selecting the "Private Registration" option ensures that a WHOI request will not disclose your personally identifiable information to the general public using your domain name. From the Domain Detail section, click Activate for Home Registry. On the map you entered, you will be billed an extra $5 as a fee for your register.

If you have deactivated automated renewals, you will need to re-enter your map data during your personal enrollment. Extension of domain: Automatically extension: If you are registering a new domain with Zoho, you do not have to be concerned about the problems of renewing it. This domain is intended for automated renewals and is automatically renew each year with the same map data that you specify during your inscription.

If you wish to extend the domain with another map, you can change the map data before the extension. Please click on the domain name to see the page with the link to update and change the map. On the Domain Detail page, you can turn on or off automatic domain extension.

You can find the domain registration detail on the domain detail page. Use the Refresh Map Detail page on the Domain Manager page to refresh the map detail. Manually extend: If you have decided to extend your domain manually, you will be sent an e-mail warning about the domain extension. In order to extend your domain, you must log into the Zoho Mail Control Panel.

Log in to the Zoho Mail Control Panel. There is a prolongation hyperlink for the domain (s) you have already signed up with Zoho, along with the domain expiration information. Please click on the Extension button and enter the map data. The domain will be extended after the completion of the transactions. Stopping e-mail notifications: If you have your domain in Zoho already subscribed, you will get various e-mail messages about the extension detail and the corresponding notification.

If you do not want to be notified about your extension manually, you can disable them. As soon as you have deactivated the e-mail messages, you will not get any reminiscences or messages about the domain extension or expiration. One of the most secure online billing gateway for India, RazorPay enables you to make online transactions via credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI or eWallet.

If there is no possibility of credit cards payments, please contact us at any time. We do not automatically renew or register the domain for more than one year with the method of paying using razor pay. If the domain is bought in this method of purchase, the domain should be extended after one year by hand.

The domain can be transferred to another domain hosting service by obtaining an authorisation number. As soon as you submit the domain, the new domain hosting service will manage the domain name entries, extension and name server. Choose the domain you have already subscribed to with Zoho. The Domain Manager URL can be started in a webbrowser and you can log in with the logon information and gain control over the Domain Manager URL.

In Domain Information, search for the authorisation key. Choose "Send by e-mail" to get the e-mail to the e-mail specified when you registered in Zoho. The new hosting service can be contacted with the authorisation key to move your domain. Please note: You must activate your domain at the moment of the "actual" move of the domain from Zoho.

A domain is blocked again within 30 min after it has been unblocked. Your domain should be in the "unlocked" state when you give your new ISP the authorisation key to change the hosting set-up. If you buy the domain from Zoho, you can cancel the domain if you no longer need it, as soon as you deactivate the automatic extension for the domain.

Before deleting the domain, important notes: After deleting the domain, the domain can only be used again after the expiration and approval of the domain. This domain is unlocked and is only available for registrations (with any provider) after 50 workingdays from the expiry date of the domain.

If you need to remove the domain from Zoho alone and want to use it elsewhere, you can move the domain before deleting it.

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