Zoho Domain Mapping

Mapping Zoho Domain

Domains Assignment - Branding Service - Help doc in German Custom Domain Mapping allows you to view Zoho subscriptions with a custom domain and also specify a domain name for the customer portal that your clients use. If your organization's name is Zylker, for example, and your website is https://zylker. com/, you can now make a subdomain https://subscriptions.zylker. com/ and associate it with Zoho subscriptions.

You can then go to your Zoho subscription organisation at https://subscriptions.zylker. com/inserted of https://subscriptions.zoho. com/ and your clients can go to their client gateway at https://subscriptions.zylker.com/portal/. . Zoho subscription plans or Zoho Finance Plus or Zoho One plans. Please note: Your customized domain (https://subscriptions.zylker. com/) will be rerouted to https://accounts.zoho. com/during when you login.

In order to display your domain name, you only need to do the following: Create a CNAME in the admin portal of the domain name provider. Get a custom domain in Zoho subscriptions. The CNAME is usually known as the custom name for your domain. CNAME is the nickname used to create a subdomain name for your organisation.

A CNAME: Sign in to the website of your domain name registrar. Browse to your preferences and choose DNS (Domain Name System) Preferences. Make a CNAME record by typing the subdomain name and CNAME. Folder the CNAME record on subscriptions.cs.zohohost.com. The sub-domain name can be accessed The sub-domain name can be accessed:

The CNAME could be called: If, for example, you want to use subscriptions.zylker.com as well as billing.zylker.com, you can test the CNAME record after configuring it using the CNAME Test Client function in the console to check it before sending the user-defined domain requirement. Changing the domain name can take up to 48 hrs until it is done on the basis of your TTL (Time To Live) setting.

If you have difficulty setting up your CNAME record, you can also consult your domain administrator or domain administration assistance. When you have a CNAME on your domain name provider's website, the next stage is to obtain a customized domain in Zoho subscriptions. On the home page of your Zoho subscription, click the gear symbol.

Select the User Defined Domain page and type your domain name (e.g. billing.zylker.com) below the Type your domain name box. Press Send. Please note: Please do not send a testdomain. As soon as you have sent your customized domain inquiry, you can no longer modify or upgrade your customized domain URL. However, once you have sent your customized domain inquiry, you can no longer do so. Once you have submitted your customized domain inquiry, if you notice an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) failure, don't be afraid.

Zoom subscriptions installs a multi domain SSL certificate in the backend to protect your domain name and avoid further mistakes. You will be alerted by e-mail when your customized domain is activated, after which you can use your customized domain name to gain control over your Zoho subscription organisation.

Third parties SSL Certificate cannot be used in Zoho subscriptions. Make sure that you specify a correct domain name in Zoho subscriptions. Otherwise, you and your clients will be directed to an illegal domain that causes a 404 bug labeled "This web page is not available".

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