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Sign up now for your individual domain at Zoho Sites. We' ve made small changes to the selection of a domain for your website. It is our belief that this will rationalize the entire operation and make it easier for you to make your choice between different choices. If you are a user of our domain-provider, you can now create your own domain with us. If a domain is registred with us, the entire assignment and setup is taken over automatic.

Shortly after registration, the domain is available for use. If you are trying to post your site for the first purpose, you will be asked to select a distinct domain name. Select from the three available choices as shown in the figure below. Complimentary subdomain: Basics of creating a website with a sub-domain can be learned.

Select this if you have an exisiting domain that has been relocated and you want it host at Zoho and you are a PRO visitor. When you register your customized domain with Zoho, you can get away from the domain assignment and setup processes. No matter whether you decide on a customized domain or sub-domain, there are no limits to your creative possibilities when creating a great website with Zoho Sites.

zooho mail - individual e-mail for your domain

The Zoho Mail Suites is a business-oriented e-mail client with basic administration control and functionality. Provides an outstanding and efficient means of communicating between company members and outside contact, yet is easy to use. The Zoho Mail is a bundle of a number of tools that are included with the e-mail below.

Contact - manage your own people, organizational contact, commonly used contact, chat friends, etc. User-defined domain-based account: When you don't need to register for a Zoho subscription yet, you can start selecting one of the maps on the price list. Register with a domain you already own: Once you have selected the appropriate schedule, click on the Register with a domain I already own link.

Type the domain name of your preference and click Submit. Type in the registration data as required and click Proceed. You will see a synopsis of your contact information, the plan you selected, and domain information. Verify that all the information is accurate and click Log In. Following the checkout process, proceed to set up your domain in Zoho Mail.

And if you already have a Zohoccount, please login at www.zoho.eu/mail. At the top of the page, click the'Enable Mail Hosting' button to enter a domain and create an organizational emailccount. If you already have the Control Panel shortcut at the top of the page, you can also choose to include a domain from the Domains section of Control Panel.

Click Domain in the Control Panel on the far-left to display the Domain section. Your domain to be added should be the one you already own and have permission to connect to the DNA. Be sure to check domain possession before continuing with the other creation process for your customized e-mail account (you@yourdomin.com).

The addition and verification of the domain in Zoho has no effect on the current e-mail services or inbound e-mails of your domain. E-mails will not be received until you have configured the e-mail delivery (change MX records) of the domain. E-mail is not hosted for the domains/subdomains without accessing the domain's DNS manager.

Therefore, e-mail can not be used for some blogging (free blogger.com/ blogspot.com or other third parties blogged blogs) and websites where DNA entries cannot be changed by the author of the website. If you do not have your own domain yet, you can buy and sign up a new one at Zoho.

DNS preferences are preconfigured and you can create the accounts directly. They can also visit Zoho Sites to get a free website to start with your new domain.

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