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Advertising-free business email hosting with a clean, minimalist user interface. Zoo Mail also offers email collection. That means you can forward other email accounts to your Zoho inbox and read all your messages from one place. If you reply to a message coming from one of your other e-mail accounts, that e-mail, not your Zoho e-mail address, will appear in the sender fields. Packed with full email, calendar and contacts in a single app, Zoho Mail is the perfect email app.

E-Mail Hostering | Create an Ad-Free Business E-Mail Account

E-mail developed specifically for corporate customers. Obtain a customized email address for your organization. Generate your employees' email address with your corporate domains in a fun and easy way. With our competent 24x7 tech staff we will help you make a seamless migration to Zoho Mail. Administer your corporate email using Zoho Mail's high-performance control panel.

Administrators can create custom voicemail contingents and rights, email policy, group account, and more. With Zoho Mail, the best items of your emails are integrated into your emails so you can mark persons or files with one click. Flows allow you to become socially aware and enjoy spending more of your free times outside the (un)box.

The Zoho Mail is fully compatible with Zoho Mail product line, from CRM to project. And it comes bundled with default applications to improve your email and help you get the job done quicker. "At last @zoho has given me full command of my mailbox - an awesome white-mail server that's the best without any problems! E-mail on the phone.

Getting a free Zoho email account

The Zoho Workplace is a set of enterprise software developed for companies, but Zoho also provides a private email inbox. Zoho corporate accounts include all the necessary utilities to manage communications and information in a group environment, free of charge, while an ad-free Zoho mail private accounts includes an email on the zoho.com domains.

All you need to build a Zoho home email and a Zoho Mail email client with 5GB of on-line messaging store is an enabled phone number where you can get text messaging. In order to setup a free Zoho mailount with an @zoho.com address: Visit the Zoho Mail registration page.

Under Getting Started with ad-free e-mail, click the checkbox before the personal e-mail. In your e-mail box, put your prefered user name - the part that comes before @zoho.com - in the e-mail ID box you want. Specify a passphrase in the Passphrase box. Select an email passphrase that is fairly simple to memorize and difficult to guess. Your email passphrase will be the same as your email passphrase.

They can also register for a free email from Zoho.com via Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Click here to register.

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